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All In, The Blackstone Affair Book 2, has been nominated by The Romance Reviews for Best Erotic Romance – Contemporary Romance (2012) and I could not be more thrilled.  You have to go to the site to vote and can see all the other categories of books and nominees as well.  The voting ends on March 31st.  There is always a ton of fun stuff going on at TRR so check out the site and the Best Book Voting.

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All In releasing November 9th!

Available November 9, 2012

My dear friends.  I have good news.  Part 2 of The Blackstone Affair is complete and in the final editing stage.  We have a release date of Friday, November 9th on Amazon and Smashwords.  *Raine can hear the yelling and screaming*

You can’t pre-order but look for the book to be up by that day as I will do the upload on Thursday night and it takes about 12 hours to go live.  Barnes & Noble takes a bit longer for some reason, but it will be up there too, and if for some reason it isn’t… you could still get the epub from Smashwords and have it on your Nook.  😉

To celebrate the release of All In, The Blackstone Affair, Part 2, I will be having a virtual party on Facebook put on by Release Day Diva that is a public event.  If you are on Facebook and want to join just click on the link below and hang out with us.  There will be fun games and great prizes and tons of Ethan pics to drool over.

All In Release Party ~ Monday, November 12th @ 12:00 pm P.S.T. on FACEBOOK

The book is nearly twice as long as Naked, coming in at over 61,000 words…and barely qualifying for novella status at this point.  *shrugs*  Oh well, what can I say?  Ethan had a ton on his mind.  I hope you will enjoy reading their story from Ethan’s head.  I know I enjoyed writing every word!!!


Raine Miller answers your questions!

I hunted her down and cornered her.  Yes!  I did that.  *you’re welcome*  I sat the elusive Raine Miller down and fired away.  I asked her questions and forced her to answer them.  I am pretty good.  *buffs nails*  So here you go.  Our interview from Saturday morning, October 27th, 10:18 a.m. in her home out in sunny California.

Raine, what is going on with All In?  I have all these people asking day in and day out. They say they NEED to know and it’s driving me nuts.

*she gives me a tolerant look*  It’s almost done.  Almost, as in I am writing the final chapter now.  Once finished, the book has to go to edits which will take a couple weeks.  I can’t give an exact date because things could happen to change the release and I don’t want to be sent to the brig by my fans.  *Raine gives me another look like that first one*

Why has this book taken longer than you anticipated, Raine?

Well, Ethan’s book is much longer than Part 1.  Like nearly double.  Part 1 was 35,000 words.  Part 2 is 60,000+ words.  *she tilts her head*  Longer books take longer for Raine to write, you see.  I heard that fans of Blackstone Affair wanted a longer book and they are getting one.  Poor Brynne got shortchanged with her book though, she’s been glaring at me for it too.  I’ll have to make sure she gets her voice back in Part 3.  She has A LOT on her mind these days.

Ohhhh really?  Like what?

*Raine smiles sweetly*  You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Do Ethan and Brynne get back together?

*Raine looks at her watch*

What can you tell us about Part 2, Raine?

I can tell you that All In is entirely from Ethan’s point of view.  The story moves forward from where Part 1 ended and things happen pretty quickly. Most of the questions about their pasts will be revealed, and you’ll understand more about Brynne and Ethan, and what’s shaped them.  All In is very much a man’s book though.  You are hearing the story from a man’s head.  It’s different for that reason.

Does Ethan still have his potty mouth?

*she grins and nods*  Oh yes.  Potty mouth and potty thoughts…

Raine, are there any new characters introduced in the book?

Why yes there are.  Thank you for asking.  You’ll meet Ethan’s family and Brynne’s Aunt Marie, but most notable will be Ethan’s cousin and whole lotta sexy fun in a very nice package–Ivan.  *Raine gets a wistful look in her eye*

Why can’t readers pre-order All In, The Blackstone Affair, Part 2, on Amazon or Barnes & Noble? 

Great question.  It’s because I am self-publishing the series.  Wholesalers like Amazon and B & N only set up pre-orders with big six publishing houses.  Since Raine Miller Romance is the publisher there is no platform for pre-ordering books before they are released.  Sorry.

Will stalking Amazon three times a day and posting comments on your blog demanding to know when, help the book to come out faster, Raine?

*gives me the look again*  Ummm…no.

How come Goodreads has All In listed on their site with the cover and everything?

I have no control on content at Goodreads.  In fact there are a couple quotes attributed to Naked that are NOT in Naked, nor are they quotes from All In either, posted up at Goodreads.  I have no answers for you there.  People can put up anything they wish and rate books before they are released.  *stoneface from Raine*

But, how will we know when All In is up for sale?

*smile from Raine*  I will keep people updated on this blog and on Facebook when I send it off for edits AND when it’s ready to upload onto Amazon and B & N.  You will know when it is available, I assure you.

Will the books ever be in print, Raine?

I hope so.  That is my plan, but not until Part 3 is complete so the whole series can go into one printed book.

When will Part 3 of Blackstone Affair be published?

*forced smile from Raine*  My “goal” is to have Eyes Wide Open done by the end of the year…as in December 31, 2012.  Please remember this is a goal and not a promise.

Are you going to torture your fans with another killer cliffhanger at the end of All In like you did with Naked?


Can you tell me more, Raine?  PLEEEEEASE?

No.  *she looks at her watch again*  I have to get back to writing now.  It’s been lovely talking to you but I really need to get going. *she’s up and moving out the door*  Please tell the magnificent fans on Facebook and Twitter and my blog that I love them for wanting the next book and they really make this all worth it for me.  They are the BEST.  FANS.  EVER.  *she blows a kiss*  Here’s a little gift for you.  My muse for Ethan in a reflective pose worthy of the thoughtful, Mr. Blackstone…the sublime, David Gandy.

All In…come on already!

I have to admit I am more than a little surprised at the amount of emails and comments I get these days about the release of All In, The Blackstone Affair, Part 2.  Well I’m here to address some of your concerns.  The good news first:  book is in the final stages of being written.  *cheering*  Does that mean it’s ready for publication in the next days or even the next week?  No.  (I hope that wasn’t really bad news for you and I do love that you want to read the book and care enough to ask)  But with any book I put out, spit and polish will need to happen before it’s up for sale.  It’s just how I work and I’ve never been a writer who churns out 10 K words a day…and I don’t think I ever will be.

Now, with that being said, I want you to know I didn’t go into this venture with the idea of torturing people.  So far, I have worked at the pace I pretty much envisioned when I came up with the idea for this series–which was three, novella-length books of around 100-ish pages each that would tell the continuing story from different points of view.  I set a pace of 2 months for each book and so far I’m on schedule with that goal.  Naked was published on August 25, 2012.  *wink*  (I never in my wildest imaginings thought I would be fielding the amount of requests for this book as I am experiencing)  Yes, folks, Raine is just a regular gal with a part -time day job, two kids and a husband.  Trust me I fantasize about the glamorous life I want to be leading, but man, it’s just so not like that!  Not at all.  *laughing*

There have been a ton of comments about the length as well, but again, I am sticking to my plan for The Blackstone Affair and although Part 2 will be longer than Part 1, it is not going to be full novel length either, and if it was, could not possibly be written in such a short time.  Not by this author at least!

I enjoy the comments and questions and try to respond to every inquiry, but if I don’t, please understand that it’s only because I am working hard on getting Part 2 out to you rather than answering emails.  I love you fans very much.  Never ever forget it!

For those of you who want to see more than a three book series, there is some good news there as well.  I have planned a spinoff series for Gabrielle, Brynne’s roommate, the hero of which you will meet in All In.  His name is Ivan and he is connected to Ethan.  I’ll tell you a little secret here…I actually started Gaby and Ivan’s story FIRST.  *gasp*  Yes, it’s true.  I started it back in the summer but got distracted by Ethan and Brynne along the way.  (Such is the bane of a writer’s life)  Their story is called The Rothvale Legacy and will feature some cameo appearances with Ethan and Brynne so you will still get to see them which is always nice to know they won’t be totally gone in future stories.

So to finish this ramble, I’ll leave you with a nice picture of my muse for Ethan Blackstone, waiting and plotting on how to get his beautiful American girl back–none other than the sublime David Gandy who can do sexy and angsty oh so very, very well.  Thank you for the inspiration, Mr. Gandy, you have helped me more than you will ever know.