Christmas Stories

Merry Christmas

I write a Christmas story about my characters and post it on my blog every year as a gift to fans.  You can find them all here.

Happy Holidays!   Posted December 20, 2012 and details Ethan and Brynne’s very first meeting even though neither of them knew it at the time.

A Scottish Christmas.  Posted December 24, 2013 with a glimpse of Neil and Elaina’s first Christmas together as newlyweds.

It’s a Wonderful Life.  Posted December 24, 2014 and gives us a peek into Mr. Blackstone’s feelings about his life and family at Christmas.

Christmas Carols.  Posted December 24, 2015 and gives us the first meeting of Desmond Thorne and Dani Hargreave and a special Christmas surprise.

Hawaiian Honeymoon.  Posted December 25, 2016 and lets us look in on Caleb and Brooke while on their holiday honeymoon in Maui.

A Blackstone Christmas.  Posted December 31, 2017 and brings us to the holiday gathering of all the Blackstones in Somerset, England.

A Wish Granted.  Posted December 24, 2018 and brings us back to Mr. and Mrs. McManus up in Scotland enjoying their first Christmas together after their wedding.