Rom Con here I come!


My second convention.  Last year it was Romantic Times in Los Angeles, this year it’s Rom Con in Denver.  How different are things from a year ago?  In some ways, not very much. But in others…well, it’s making me smile just thinking about it.

This time I have two published books to my name.  Last year my first book, His Perfect Passion, had not yet been released so nobody had read it. This year I actually have some fans who have read my stuff and tell me they are looking forward to meeting me!!  *shaking my head in amazement*

Last year I showed up at the conference pretty much terrified and all alone. This time I will meet up with people I know and love and…drum roll, please…have ordered my first ‘author swag’ and eagerly await its arrival upon my doorstep–very gorgeous tote bags with my name emblazoned upon them.

Now add into that mix the chance to meet some authors I idolize and adore *cough*  Elizabeth Hoyt  *cough*  Julia Quinn   …and I’d say the whole thing is shaping up into a special time for me.



Interview at The Steam Room~

Michelle Zurlow had me at The Steam Room for my first interview.  It was fun and kind of strange at the same time.  Here’s the link and you can read for yourself:






Another review~

My second review, courtesy of Brenda Talley at  The Romance Studio gave His Perfect Passion 4 1/2 hearts out of 5.  Here is part of her review:

Ms. Raine Miller has presented us with a unique tale of long-lasting love and the feelings of inadequacy felt by the insecure Marianne. Her characters are well written and interesting. Her supporting cast was also likeable and helped to get the story across to readers. The majority of the book was the interactions between the main couple.

This book was graphic. The sexual encounters were scorching. I don’t believe this would be a good read for the faint hearted. The wording was quite visual and sexual scenes were frequent. This quick-read was a page turner. The ending was surprising. Miller has, once again, written a big hit. Congratulations, Ms. Miller!

The full review is posted here:

~Girl on a couch~ by Agnes Goodsir 1864-1939

My first review~

Stephanie Rollins over at Book Review R gave me my first one.  This is what she had to say…

Darius wants Marianne.  He always has.  Now, she is of marrying age.  Her father is facing debtor’s prison.  If Marianne refuses him, he will bribe her with her father’s freedom.  Will it come down to that?

Marianne does not feel worthy to marry Darius, who happens to be rich.  She has a deep, dark secret that haunts her. 

Darius likes to dominate.  Marianne is a virgin, but she has fantasies of being submissive.  It seems like a perfect match. 

This is a great erotic book.  The innocence ready to be lost, the submissive nature ready to give in, and the longing create for such a tantalizing read.  The characters are perfectly developed, and the plot is well-defined.  This is a book to read and recommend to friends.

I am thrilled to get 5 stars for my first.  It really made my day and pulled a smile out of me.  Raine~

You can check out the review and her site here:

Reclining girl reading a book, the sea beyond~ BY: William Etty 1789-1849