Blackstone Dynasty was inspired by a trip I made to Boston back in early 2013.  While sightseeing in the city, I stumbled upon a monument statue in Boston Common honoring a man named William Blackstone –>the first European to settle in Boston, living alone on what would later become Boston Common and Beacon Hill.  Mr. Blackstone had arrived from Lincolnshire, England in 1623 after having attended Cambridge University and been ordained as a minister.

In that single moment, a spark of an idea ignited for me that Ethan Blackstone could have some American relatives living their lives in the Boston area  worthy of their own stories and books.  I even posted a picture on Facebook and made a comment at the time, I was so excited.  My “Boston Blackstone” universe continued to develop slowly in my head over the next three years until I decided the time was finally right to bring it out to my readers in a new series.

FILTHY RICH opens the doors into the ultra-wealthy world of Caleb Blackstone, the newly crowned head of his family as well as a billion dollar conglomerate called Blackstone Global Enterprises.  Still reeling from the death of his father, Caleb is questioning everything he’s ever known, as well as the purpose of his life when he meets Brooke Casterley, a girl who not only captivates him, but teaches him there’s so much more to life than being…filthy rich.

BLACKSTONE DYNASTY is a series of related standalones with a happily-ever-after at the end of each story. Published by Montlake Romance and Raine Miller Romance.  Exclusively in Kindle Unlimited.

Book 1: ->  FILTHY RICH, Caleb and Brooke-

Book 2: ->  FILTHY LIES, -Winter and James-

Book 3: ->  FILTHY GAMES, -Lucas and Victoria- coming soon!