Who is Ethan Blackstone?

Okay, I admit it.  I used him.  And he’s good right?  My muse for Ethan Blackstone in Naked, The Blackstone Affair Part 1 is none other than male supermodel, David Gandy.  I make it easy for readers to figure this out too.  His description is pretty clear to anyone who knows who this man is.  And surprise, surprise…he is British!  Read the blurb on the cover of Live magazine and you will know why he is so famous.  “The world’s only male supermodel” and for very good reason.  Just look at him!

So now that the hero is out of the bag I will get back to writing more on The Blackstone Affair, Part 2–All In.  Mr. Blackstone has some  work to do.  *snickers*

Five Flames for Naked~

Authors love a smokin review.  So I am really happy about this one, from Kelly Oakes at DemonLovers Books & More.  She made my day.  Naked is now up at Amazon and Barnes & Noble–and getting some excellent props from readers.  Please know I am hard at work on Part 2 as I write this…we still have much more to come from Mr. Blackstone (to torture the ladies with).  ~  Raine

The Blackstone Affair~

Well it’s official.  I have a new book.  I’ve been so busy with writing it I’ve been remiss in updating my blog.  All I can say is summers are wonderful for my output.  This story is a departure for me though, it’s contemporary and set right at the time of the London Olympics.  The heroine is American and the hero is British…and a bit racier than you have seen from me in the past.  And I will tell you that I have loved every moment of writing it.  So much so that there are two more books to follow this one in a three book series called The Blackstone Affair.  Below is a first teaser for you to enjoy:

August 2012


“Very bad idea, Brynne.  Don’t risk it.  Let me give you a ride.”

I froze on the street.  I knew who was speaking to me without ever hearing his voice before.  I turned slowly to face the same eyes that had burned me back at the gallery.  “I don’t know you at all,” I told him.

He smiled at me, his lip turning up more on one side than the other of his goateed mouth.  He pointed to his car at the curb, a very sleek looking black Range Rover HSE.  The kind that only Brits with money can ever afford.  Not that he didn’t reek of money before, but he was way out of my league.

I swallowed hard in my throat.  Those eyes of his were blue, very clear and deep. “Yet you call me by name…and expect me to get in a car with you?  Are you crazy?”

He walked toward me and extended his hand.  “Ethan Blackstone.”

I stared at his hand, so finely elegant with the white cuff framing the grey sleeve of his designer jacket.  “How do you even know my name?”

“I just bought a work entitled Brynne’s Repose from the Andersen Gallery for a nice sum not fifteen minutes ago.   And I’m fairly sure I’m not mentally impaired.  Sounds more PC than ‘crazy’ don’t you think?”  He kept his hand out.

I met his hand and he took mine.  Oh did he ever.  Or maybe I’d lost my mind shaking hands with the stranger who’d just purchased a huge canvas of my naked body.  Ethan’s grip was firm.  And hot.  Had I imagined he pulled me a little closer toward him?  Or maybe I was the crazy one, because my feet hadn’t moved an inch.  Those blue eyes were closer to me than they were a moment ago though, and I could smell his cologne.  Something so gawd awfully delicious it was sinful to smell that good and be human.  “Brynne Bennett,” I said.

He let go of my hand.  “And now we know each other,” he said, pointing first at me and then to himself.  “Brynne, Ethan.”  He looked over at his Rover.  “Now will you let me take you home?”

I swallowed again.  “Why do you care so much?”

“Because I don’t want anything to happen to you?  Because those pretty shoes look lovely at the end of your legs but will be hell to walk in?  Because it’s dangerous for a woman alone at night?  Especially one as beautiful as you.”  His mouth turned up just slightly on the one side again.  “So many reasons, Miss Bennett.”

Inspiration, Rejuvenation and Refocus~

It’s the eve of Rom Con and as I scurry around getting my swag into the suitcase, my clothes organized, and my kindle packed, I find myself thinking about the next story.  The excitement of going to another professional conference and mingling with fabulous authors I read and adore has rejuvenated my creative spark.  So it’s time to get down and dirty with the next book.  Loosely titled, Unveiling June, it is about a painting, the back story being told in two parts, by two couples–one from 1812 and the other from 2012.  It’s funny how the smallest things can motivate a person.  I saw this painting and it did just that.  This is how I picture my modern couple in my head–in this spot-on work by Rob Hefferan.  Art is my thing and it is what got me started on my first writing over three years ago.  There is so much to be said about the subjects in a painting.  How I see it, those stories are just dying to be told.

See you at Rom Con.  I’ll be the gal with the awesome tote bags and flower pen swag!!!!  Raine~