Book Trailers for Blackstone

cover collage

Please enjoy these book trailers for Naked and All In made for us by Becca Manuel, or Becca the Bibliophile as she’s known on her blog.  This lovely woman is truly amazing with her skills in video production and I am well and truly a fan.  I want to be there when she gets her academy award some day and say I remember when she made her first book trailer.  *not joking*

As always, my muse for Ethan Blackstone can be played by nobody but the gorgeous David James Gandy as he is depicted here.  I would really love to see Mr. Gandy in a full length film some day.  Wouldn’t that be something?

Naked: The Blackstone Affair Part 1 Trailer

All In: The Blackstone Affair Part 2 Trailer

Exclusive with Mr. Blackstone

Mr BlackstoneHere is the link to the first exclusive conversation with the  he-can’t-possibly-be-real Ethan Blackstone.  Becca the Bibliophile was lucky enough to snag an interview with him and posted it on her blog.  *lucky girl* Click right here: Exclusive Interview with Ethan Blackstone.

I hope you enjoyed that.  *snickers*  Brynne sure has her hands full with him.  *very lucky girl*



My muse for Ethan, as always, the sublime, David James Gandy.