The Word Around RT…x3

My first convention.  My grade report?  I’d give it an A-.  The venue is nice, the people are friendly, and the swag is plentiful.  I’ve been here 12 hours and have received 12 free books so far, numerous reading ephemera and made some writer friends who may just be the coup of this whole thing.  You see, they know what they’re talking about.

I sat in several workshops today and one theme was repeated, and repeated, and repeated.

…Digital romance publishing is growing so big, sooooooo fast that people are afraid to predict just how big it’s going to get.

I listened to author after author after author tell me how they make more money on their e-pubs than on their mass-market publications.  Another very nice, multi-pub’d author (someone I had heard of before I came here) told me about how she’s recently made the foray into self-publishing with two novellas that have done nothing but sell, sell, sell.  (Are you feeling the triplicate theme here?)  The bottom line on your self-published books:  You get to keep all of the $ on those.

So what’s a newbie authoress to do?  Nothing rash, that”s for sure.  I’ll keep my options open and keep writing books.  That was the second most oft heard nugget of wisdom:

“The best thing you can do to publicize your writing career is to write another book.”  And another, and another, and another…



RT, here I come…

RT 2011 in LA! I

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This is my first ever convention and I’m really excited!  I’ll get to meet some of my favorite authors like Megan Hart, Elizabeth Hoyt, Jennifer Ashley and Cherise Sinclair…and get books signed…and take some workshops…and there’s even a beauty contest–male beauty that is–called Mr. Romance.  The cover models compete for the title.  I don’t think I can pass on that one.   ;0    The really surreal part is that my name is listed in the AUTHORS ATTENDING page.  God!!!!