All In, The Blackstone Affair Part 2

I promised to reveal the cover this weekend for All In.  Well here it is.  I can thank Kim Killion at Hot Damn Designs for working her magic yet again.  I love how it turned out and love the expressiveness in the hand.  Hands fascinate me in general so based on the fact that Ethan Blackstone is known for touching his girl all the time, I thought this cover worked perfectly for their story.  I also promised an excerpt so here goes.  You will see that Mr. Blackstone is still explaining things to Brynne in that very direct way of his.  *snickers*  He can do blunt and scorchingly sexy better than any man I know and it only makes me love him more.


“Where are we going?” she asked.

“First?  We’re going to get some food.”  It came out a little harsher than I wanted it to.

She nodded at me and then looked away, out the window.

“After you eat we’ll get a new phone and mobile number for you.”

She looked down at her lap and nodded again.  I wanted to pull her into my arms but I held off.

“Then I’m taking you home.  My place—home.”

“No, Ethan, that’s not a good idea,” she whispered.

“Fuck good ideas,” I exploded.  “Would you at least look at me?”  She turned her eyes up to mine and smoldered in the seat, a hint of red fire flickering and making them look very brown.  I wanted to drag her to me and shake her, making her understand that this bullshit break-up was a thing of the past.  She was coming home with me, period.  I turned the key in the ignition.

“What do you want from me, Ethan?”

“That’s easy.”  I made a rude noise.  “I want to go back to one week ago.  I want to be back in my office fucking on my desk with you wrapped around me!  I want your body underneath mine looking up at me with some expression other than the one I saw when you left me at the lifts!”  I rested my forehead on the steering wheel.

“Okay…Ethan.”  Her voice sounded shaky and more than a little defeated.

“Okay…Ethan?” I mocked, pulling my head up to look her over.  “What does that mean?  Okay I’m coming home with you?  Okay to you and me?  What?  I need more from you, Brynne.”



  1. Love the cover! Fabulous. The excerpt has me squirming in anticipation. Please tell me you have a release date. I need more Ethan!

  2. Tease! 🙂 soo excited cant wait 🙂

  3. Loving the new cover. Pictures can really say a million words. Talking about words, how long is All In. I really loved part 1, however just wanted more and more and more ;-). Really can’t wait.

    • Hi Tamaryn,

      Naked was just over 36,000 words (novella length). All In will probably top out a bit longer than that. The third book is coming too. Don’t worry. There is plenty more story to come for these two. Plus, I have Gabrielle’s story in a new series after The Blackstone Affair is completed. We will still see Ethan and Brynne…around. *winks*

  4. Ethan Blackstone (Proper Noun) : A male that one does not F*ck with. Sex on a stick. Etc.

    Raine, I can’t WAIT until end of Sept/beginning of October. Heck, whenever you release this book. Epic-ness. Ethan <3

    Thanks for the teaser!

  5. Will we be able to pre-order on Amazon?

    • No you won’t. Pre-ordering is only available for the big six publishers. On indie titles you have to wait until it is up on the site. But it only takes a few hours to go live once it’s ready. Never fear. All In will be out soon.

  6. Oh my goodness! I just finished reading “Naked” and I’m blown away!! I was so into the story that I felt a little lost when the doors closed and felt almost as if I was the one left alone. Please tell me that “All In” is coming soon……

  7. I Loved your book !!! The characters are great can’t wait to tell all mry friends….
    When is the next book out ?

  8. Just finished Naked. Just finished Naked. Just finished Naked. What is wrong with this sentence? It is incomplete. It should say, “…and am getting ready to dig into All In.” And to find out there is a Part 3? Which means my sentence will be incomplete when I write, “Just finished Naked and All In…” Whatta ya trying to do, kill us our here in readerland? WRITE FASTER. Ignore your kids and hubby. Skip laundry and cooking. Feed us, feed us with your amazing story!

  9. Shannon Gomez says

    Do you have a date yet for part 2 yet????? Can’t wait 😉

  10. The cover is beautiful. Wonderful job to your designer.

    I just re-read Naked . . . came on your site (first time) to check on a release date and have to admit I am so happy to hear it is basically a little less than a month away. I love a quick-turn-around-writer.

  11. OMG this book made me MELTTTTTT!!!!! And to create the character around David Gandy’s look – oh man your killing me he’s so gorgeous!!!! I can NOT wait until the 2nd book comes out! I stumbled across this book by accident, I am already spreading the word to all my friends. Thanks for a great story and for leaving us hanging hahaha. I hope the 3rd book will be available not long after the 2nd because I’m so stressing having to even wait a couple of weeks.

    • *smiles at Jane* I will do my best to not have long waits. I want the book to be the best it can be and I understand you want it NOW. It makes me so happy that you are really loving the characters in The Blackstone Affair.

  12. OMG… I loved the story… I cant wait for part 2!!!!!!!!

  13. OMG!!!!! I love this book it was a great read. I LOVE Ethan and I love we’ll get part 2 from his view. That ROCKS!!!!! Can’t wait for part 2 and 3 or Gabrielle’s story.

  14. Would love to read your books but they are not available through Kobo….

    • Hi Trish. They should be. Naked is on Smashwords and they distribute to Kobo. Maybe it takes a few days to get on there. I uploaded to Smashwords on the 16th I think and it was approved for the Premium Catalog so it could be distributed to all retailers. I’ll check into it.

  15. I just stumbled accross Naked and couldn’t put it down! I’m very excited to hear that part 2 is coming out very soon. I can’t wait!! The cover looks amazing!

  16. I just finished Naked and let me tell you I am impatiently waiting for book #2. I am in love with this series. Could not put it down and can not wait for the next one. You have done an amazing job! 🙂

  17. Just finished …. need the story to continue….. When will be available at amazon, was hoping to download for my trip next… Loved the story and can’t wait for more.

  18. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first book 😉 It is much better than Fifty Shades and I can’t wait to find out more about Brynne & Ethans past – what happened to them – why all the scares (physically & Mentally)….. If the two last books was available, I would have stayed in my bed until I had completed the story. PLEASE WRITE FASTER ! 🙂 And I am curious to know more from Ethans perspective.Thanks for your books from a danish fan.

    • Hi Line! Thank you for your very kind comments. You will get to find out what happened to Brynne in Book 2 and also about Ethan’s past. I am writing book 2 as we speak and expect an October release if everything goes as planned. I won’t rush though. I want All In to be the best book it can be and for Ethan and Brynne to get what they deserve on the page. 😉 *hugs*


  19. I’m hooked! Wow! LOVED IT – need more!!! Cannot wait for part 2!

  20. Will Part 2 released early October? Cannot wait!! LOVED BOOK 1

  21. Just finished part 1 and absolutely loved it! Definitely looking forward to part 2! 😀

  22. Wow just finished Part 1 & looooved it!!! I am so excited 4 Part 2 & 3…cannot get enough! Love how Part 2 is written from Ethan’s POV! Hope All In is coming soon!

  23. Ok I am just like the other ladies HOOKED, can’t wait for the other 2. LOVE IT, I want an Ethan for Christmas!!!!

  24. Jessica Preston says

    Omg, omg, omg! I loved Naked! What fantastic writing! And writing part 2 in Ethans view? Genious! Can’t wait!! Is there a place I can sign up to be notified when part 2 is released?

  25. Stumbled across the book on Amazon by accident. LOVED IT!!!! Read it all in one night. I can’t wait for book 2. : )

  26. I also stumbled across this book last night about 11:00pm. I couldn’t sleep so I got on Amazon and found Naked.. I stayed up all night reading Naked.. All I can say is WOW.. Thank you.. I am so looking forward to All In.. Thanks for a good time Raine:)

  27. I just stumbled across this on Amazon the other day, my oh my did I enjoy it! Can’t wait for book two! When is the release date?

  28. I was so engrossed in reading Naked, that my mouth fell open when it ended. I am happy to read in the comments that the second book will be coming out soon. I like how you have hinted as to what happened to Brynne and can’t wait to read the next book from Ethan’s point of view and find out more about what makes him tick.

  29. When, when, when?? I think I am in love with Ethan! LOL

  30. Sooooo I was basically a terrible mother all day yesterday because I could do NOTHING but read this book! hahaha WHEN IS BOOK TWO COMING OUT????? I NEED DATES!

  31. LOVED NAKED….dying to read All In, fantastic read!

  32. LOVED it! Stumbled on to it somehow on Amazon. Managed to read the while book while my 2 year old took his afternoon nap! Oh my! Can’t wait for the other two!

  33. Thank you for such a wonderful book!!! I just LOVED it and cannot wait for the other two releases. Any update on a release date for book 2?

  34. The cover is fabulous… I LOVED the book and was like what I have to wait to read more … I’m so excited it’s almost ready and can’t wait to read more.. I have also read your other books and I love that they take me, a stay at home mom, to a quiet place in my brain to think, to love and much more… wonderful keep writing and I’ll keep reading…

  35. When? I need more Ethan!!!!

  36. Please tell me a kindle version will be available immediately! Absolutely loved NAKED and can’t wait for Part 2!!!

  37. Ok, tomorrow is officially October. So I will be harrassing this site everyday until I see All In officially available for purchase. Looking forward to this book , Raine…

  38. NAKED was absolutely wonderful. Best book ever! I can’t wait for Part 2. I’m so EXCITED!!!!

  39. NAKED was a FABULOUS read! Can’t wait for Part Deux! Bring it Raine!! Well done!

  40. Hi! I really enjoyed book 1. Can’t wait for book 2. I’m so in love with Ethan’s character and admire his devotion to Brynne. I especially love his determination to fight for their relationship…even if he is an alpha male 🙂

  41. I loved Naked it was great. But I am dying to know when will I be able to read part 2 ?

  42. Jut finished Book 1! Great work!! I loved it!! I can’t wait for Book 2!! Do we have any updates on the actual date yet?? The wait is killing me….

  43. Please give us a release date for All In.

  44. I seriously need book 2 like now. Book 1 was great, awesome, sexy, mind blowing….I could keep going. Love, love, love it.

  45. Hurry. I can’t wait another day. So happy there will be a book three.

  46. Sali powers says

    EEEKKKKKKK !!!!!! I’m hyperventilating from excitement !!!!!

  47. I love, love, love part one. So excited for part two! I check for it everyday! Please tell me its coming soon!!!!!!

  48. Dawn LoPrest says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! When will part 2 be out

  49. OMG!!!! I can’t wait for All In. Do we have a narrowed down date yet? 😀 And love the cover too.

  50. Wow what a rush! The relationship between Brynne and Ethan started so abruptly and it was fascinating from the start. I love how devoted E is to her. It sounds like her past is going to be tough to overcome, for her not him! From the excerpts it looks like she figures out life without him sucks. I am anxiously awaiting All In. I am in awe that you are getting the books out so quickly. Thank you for working so hard to get next books out so all of us book lovers can get our fix.

    • Awwww. *hugs Sherry* How sweet you are for writing me. I love that you “get” how I’ve written Ethan. He is possessive and dominant but cherishes her (which I love about him) so very much. Part 2 will have some painful moments, but it helps us to understand where they have been and where they have to get to.

  51. I know I will appear redundant, but as someone who just finished “Naked”, and has read some of the exerpts posted, Ms. Miller would you please release “All In” sooner rather than later? I don’t mean to sound impatient, well I guess I am, but I just can’t help it! On a lighter note, thanks for the great read! Can’t wait for the next installment, and hopefully the third won’t be too far behind it! Cheers!

  52. Trixiedelacroix says

    By the beginning of October do you mean second week? I had no idea this was a new series. I cannot wait until the third week which technically constitutes the end, or middle at best, of the month. Sorry, just being cheeky but seriously. Now works for me. I want to not be sad for them already.

  53. I really loved both Bryanne and Ethan! SO FAST at romance! I hope they get back on track SOOON! You have really got our attention! I will keep checking my kindle for your next 2 series!

  54. I guess it will be redundant to say I love your book…it was brilliant of you to give us a face to go with Ethan B. Mr. B, is the man…Please hurry up, (said kindly, respectfully). We are going nuts here…no pressure there.

  55. Loved the chemistry between Ethan and Brynne! Can’t wait for book 2!!!

  56. Oh god, this is complete torture. I’m like going out of my mind waiting for All In! I can’t wait, I love how your write Raine, and of course I love Ethan and Brynne. Now I just need to immerse myself in another book until I can get my hands on All In, or maybe do some book reviews on the ones I’ve read and loved! 🙂 I hate cliff hangers and I’m just dying over here! ♥all my love, you’re the best!

  57. I keep looking everyday for the second part to be released…. I need to read it so bad 🙂

  58. Stacey Hert says

    I can not wait to read part 2!

  59. Can’t wait. Just finished today and waiting anxiously for part 2. Love love loved it

  60. Rachael Frediani says

    Ok I’ve been patient….a bit of a book release date stalker but patient. Now I am freaking out!! Miss Raine Miller PLEASE when is All In coming! Give me a basic time line and I’ll stop stalking the Kindle store and the Internet. Please!! Xoxo

  61. Angie Kaylor says

    Just Finished part 1…Can’t wait for All In!!

  62. Raine thank you so much for Naked. I am sitting in the dark after Hurricane Sandy has devasted New Jersey. I was able to download ur book and it has been throughly entertaining! The story is totally captivating and I along with everyone else look forward to reading more about Ethan and Brynne. Thank you so much for providing the a wonderful distraction!

    • Cindy, you have no idea how happy that makes me. I am relieved that hurricane Sandy was not able to take away that distraction for you. Grateful you made it through safely. <3

  63. I am so thankful for authors like you Raine, you take us away to another place and it’s like we are living what you write….and love every second of it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Can hardly wait for book 2…..OMG 😉

  64. Hi Raine, will All In be releasing soon? Have read Naked twice already in just 2 days and so anxious for the next book. I have read a lot on your blog too. Will the third book still come out as planned. Just wondering if it will get pushed back as well? Thanks.

  65. Hi there Raine, wow what an awesome book Naked was, but can’t wait for part two! I read somewhere that the release date was 9 November which would be tomorrow! Is that correct? You have got some die hard fans and you have left us hanging. LOL PS I felt that Ethan was even yummier than Christian (big grin)!,

  66. I am hooked, when is part 3 coming out?

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