Amazon Pre-Order Cancellation—NOT!

keep-calm-new-amazon-links-coming (1)Okay then…  Yeah, sometimes things happen that are out of the realm of our control and this is one of those times, folks.  Amazon, in all of its infinite wisdom and publishing know-how has had some problems   *I’m trying to be diplomatic here* with the pre-order file upload of PRICELESS.  These problems have been ongoing since the pre-order started back in August.  The decision was made early today to pull the pre-order from publication.  So those that did indeed pre-order will be getting an email from Amazon that your order is cancelled as well as your payment.  They don’t ever charge you for a pre-order until the book releases.

DO NOT PANIC.  I repeat, DO NOT PANIC.  I have re-published the book in a new file and am hoping for live links very soon to provide for; UK; CA; AU.  The book is already uploaded and ready to hit your kindles at midnight September 12th.  The other platforms (iBooks, Kobo, Nook) are unaffected–this is only the Amazon pre-orders which have been cancelled.

Sorry for the cock up (as Ivan would say) and please Keep Calm and Carry On (as the natives would say).

xxoo R