Amazon Pre-Order Cancellation—NOT!

keep-calm-new-amazon-links-coming (1)Okay then…  Yeah, sometimes things happen that are out of the realm of our control and this is one of those times, folks.  Amazon, in all of its infinite wisdom and publishing know-how has had some problems   *I’m trying to be diplomatic here* with the pre-order file upload of PRICELESS.  These problems have been ongoing since the pre-order started back in August.  The decision was made early today to pull the pre-order from publication.  So those that did indeed pre-order will be getting an email from Amazon that your order is cancelled as well as your payment.  They don’t ever charge you for a pre-order until the book releases.

DO NOT PANIC.  I repeat, DO NOT PANIC.  I have re-published the book in a new file and am hoping for live links very soon to provide for; UK; CA; AU.  The book is already uploaded and ready to hit your kindles at midnight September 12th.  The other platforms (iBooks, Kobo, Nook) are unaffected–this is only the Amazon pre-orders which have been cancelled.

Sorry for the cock up (as Ivan would say) and please Keep Calm and Carry On (as the natives would say).

xxoo R


  1. Thanks for the heads up, Raine! By the way, I want to thank you for releasing this book on a weekend. I hate it when they are released on Tuesday. What’s up with Tuesday, anyway???

    • Raine Miller says

      Thank you, Penny, for understanding. The Tuesday thing is the day publishers release their books because something to do with stores having the slowest day for stocking shelves. I have always released my self-published books on Fridays for that very “weekend reading” reason. xxoo

  2. Thanks for that! I went to go pre order mine on Amazon and said that it was not avaliable. I had a freak out moment but read this and understood.Whew! Finishing up on rare and precious things just in time for priceless! Woot! You rock 🙂

  3. Will u be sending an email to your subscribers when it is available on Amazon again.

  4. Terry Miller says

    OMG., Now I have to clean this weekend instead of reading your latest book. Heartbroken. Wish I had a Nook. I hope Amazon sends an email when the book is ready. I was hoping it wasn’t true. Damn.

  5. Lorraine Williams says

    So I can still get this book thru my Nook app on Sept.12…right…I did recieve the email from Amazon…i had pre-ordered it….but this has happened to me before with Amazon…so I do haved Nook too.

  6. Daria Anderson says

    Thanks for keeping us informed. I just got the email my order was canceled. I will purchase again.

  7. Just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE The Blackstone Affair Series!!! I have bought all your books that are available from Amazon. When will you be able to pre-order My Lord? Looking forward to reading all your books in each series. I LOVE reading series books. I love connecting with the characters and following them through each book.

    • Raine Miller says

      Hi Laura. I am so glad to hear that. I am not sure I’ll be doing a pre-order for My Lord because the system of doing it on Amazon is a little sketchy and I had trouble with the last one I did. The best course is to sign up for my newsletter so you will get the link when it does go live.

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