Exclusive with Mr. Blackstone

Mr BlackstoneHere is the link to the first exclusive conversation with the  he-can’t-possibly-be-real Ethan Blackstone.  Becca the Bibliophile was lucky enough to snag an interview with him and posted it on her blog.  *lucky girl* Click right here: Exclusive Interview with Ethan Blackstone.

I hope you enjoyed that.  *snickers*  Brynne sure has her hands full with him.  *very lucky girl*



My muse for Ethan, as always, the sublime, David James Gandy.


  1. Clever girl! I thought at first you had gotten an interview with David. But, I must admit that it was ALMOST like you were chatting with him–thanks to all of those photos interspersed. Good job, very fun reading…

    • THANK YOU for commenting here. I LOVE it when I see Mr. Gandy’s name on my blog. David is such the perfect muse for Ethan Blackstone I can see nobody else in the role. He must think we are all insane. I hope he gets a chuckle out of it. All the best,


  2. Yes, I am certainly a lucky lucky girl. I was just glad I was able to even ask a single question. When he walked in the room…I melted 😉

  3. That was good. He’s so hot!!! Got to love that Ethan and the photo. Mmmmmmmmmm.

  4. Excellent interview, Becca…..I loved your personal insights…Me? I probably would have fainted at the sight of him. I cannot imagine having all that heat directed at me… *sigh*

  5. Awesome interview! Loved it. And yes David is Ethan for sure. 😉

  6. Yes, we are all insane! I take insane over Ethan anyday over sane about joe shomoe!

  7. I gotta say, David Gandy is a perfect choice of Ethan Blackstone. I cannot see anyone else as well.

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