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My second review, courtesy of Brenda Talley at  The Romance Studio gave His Perfect Passion 4 1/2 hearts out of 5.  Here is part of her review:

Ms. Raine Miller has presented us with a unique tale of long-lasting love and the feelings of inadequacy felt by the insecure Marianne. Her characters are well written and interesting. Her supporting cast was also likeable and helped to get the story across to readers. The majority of the book was the interactions between the main couple.

This book was graphic. The sexual encounters were scorching. I don’t believe this would be a good read for the faint hearted. The wording was quite visual and sexual scenes were frequent. This quick-read was a page turner. The ending was surprising. Miller has, once again, written a big hit. Congratulations, Ms. Miller!

The full review is posted here:

~Girl on a couch~ by Agnes Goodsir 1864-1939

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