They made me a banner~

Now, isn’t that pretty?  My book released yesterday and I must say the excitement of first sales is pretty heady.  The nice folks at Bookstrand give you a sales tracker that lets you know how many books you sell every hour.  For new authors here is a tip… “you check it a lot.”   *smiling wink*

Upon opening my email this morning I was thrilled to see the banner that was created for my first book.  I love that the blue shawl got added to this one.  It’s definitely part of the story and it pleases me to know that whoever made the banner actually read the cover questionnaire I filled out way back in February.  I’m telling you, Siren-Bookstrand has done me good and I couldn’t be happier with my first publishing experience.

Excitement is good and motivating to most people, BUT like most things, needs tempering.  You’ve all heard the saying~ Too much of good thing…

So, it’s pretty simple really…if I can just restrain myself from returning to my Sales Report, oh, every 10 minutes or so, I might actually get my word count in for the book I’m writing now. 


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