Keeping Calm Are We?

keep-calm-raine-has-books-comingI read about the story behind the poster and was absolutely fascinated by the rich history involved in its creation.  In 1939 the posters were commissioned as WWII propaganda to bolster the public during the dark days of wartime hardships coming to Britain.  Fifty years later a bookshop owner found one in a box purchased at auction and loved it so much she had it framed and displayed in her store.   I found a cool YouTube about the history of The Keep Calm and Carry On poster that you can watch here –> VIDEO   It’s just three minutes and will make you feel good.  Trust me.

From its discovery in the bookshop in 1991 the poster grew into the phenomenon we have today where you can generate your own poster at Keep Calm-O-Matic and share it on social media with all of your friends, to tons of merchandise you can wear, drink coffee from, write with, write on, hide your trinkets in, and many, many more uses.

So what did I do?  I got on The Keep Calm-O-Matic and started making posters.  LOL  Especially since I have FIVE new books releasing in the next months I thought I’d start with something snarky.  Yes, I am a busy woman writing lots of books and just thought I’d let you know what’s on its way  –>  UP and COMING

Calm?  How in the heck can I keep calm or even be calm?  I’ve got way too many books to write!