Wonderful and Terrifying


I left the bed carefully so I wouldn’t wake her up.  I was on a mission of great importance.  Really fucking vital you might say.

I found my reading glasses and my mobile and texted Lowell.  Have condoms delivered to Donadea residence ASAP.  This is an URGENT matter.  -I Everley

My assistant was quirky but he did everything I asked without question.  I had no qualms making requests to him for anything.  I could count the non-family members I trusted implicitly on one hand, and Lowell Brinkley was on that list.

My mobile buzzed.  What kind do you want?  -Lowell Brinkley, Administrative Assistant to Mr. Ivan Everley, Lord Rothvale XIII

I rolled my eyes at the ridiculously absurd signature he attached to his messages and realized the part about him never questioning me wasn’t quite true.  The kind that will cover my cock.   -I Everley

I silenced my mobile and studied Gabrielle sleeping in my bed.  It was all I wanted to do right now, to look at her.  She had mesmerized me from our first meeting up until this very second.  What we had done here together last night was something I’d never forget.  Being with her was also an experience unlike anything I’d ever had with a woman.  There had been many women, and I’d enjoyed a lot of sex over the years, before and after my disastrous marriage.  I could say for certain that not one of those women was anything like Gabrielle.

just a finger

I drew my fingertip over her cheekbone and moved a bit of hair that had fallen over her face back behind her ear.  She stirred a little but didn’t wake up or open her eyes.

I settled back into the bed beside her and got comfortable.  I thought about the idea of what being with her last night had meant to me.

Somehow, it felt wonderful and terrifying both at the same time.



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  1. You’ve written a voice for Ivan that I cannot wait to “hear” more of. Thank you for sharing this lovely bit of him!

  2. Fantastic! Can’t wait.

  3. I am so ready for Ivan and Gabby. I am running away from my family on the 12th so I can read! <3

  4. Very few authors have the ability to pull me into a book with a teaser, like you do.

  5. This teaser has me SO sold! Can’t wait to read this!

  6. Ilana Assir says

    This is tasting from your magic , that captivated my heart. I really expecting this book to come . Like any addicted person i have been waiting too long for this “drug” to come . I am so happy now that i know in 10 days i will recieve my amazing “drugs”

  7. I discovered your writting by accident and am hooked. I can’t wait for Ivan and Gabby.


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