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stories amanda coverI finally got invited to participate in an anthology project after years of hoping someone would ask me.  I have to say that I LOVE the one I am a part of and grateful to Kahlen Aymes for reaching out to me with an inquiry.  Stories for Amanda is an anthology collection of sixteen short stories from amazing authors of romance and young adult.  The proceeds will go entirely to benefit the Amanda Todd Legacy as a way to educate people about the harmful effects of bullying.  In Amanda’s case, bullying was the cause of the destruction of her young life at only fifteen years old.  If you don’t know who she is, then you need to watch her video, made shortly before she took her life.  It is not easy to watch, and you will need tissues to get through it, but it is important to understand how much pain bullying caused for her to the point that she couldn’t face even another day.  Think about that for a moment. Sobering isn’t it?

Click here to view.  The video is 8:55 minutes long.

*hands you a box of tissues*  I know that was rough, but necessary…  I remember when I watched it just one year ago and I think I sat still and stunned at my computer for at least an hour afterward.  Amanda’s story pulled me in and wouldn’t let go.  I guess being a teacher for two decades has opened my eyes to how devastatingly hurtful words can be to a child.

So, that being said, I hope you will purchase the book when it goes live next month, and support this worthy effort.

I also hope you enjoy my contribution to the anthology.  The story I included is called Priceless, and is the basis for a novel I am writing for publication in 2014.  Priceless contains a deleted scene from All In on the night of the Mallerton Gala.  Have you figured out where I am going with this one yet???  Gabrielle and Ivan have a thing… Brynne’s best friend, and Ethan’s sexy aristocratic cousin, Lord Rothvale, ie. Ivan Everley, meet up and share some time together at the gala.  I’m excited for readers to finally know what really happened with those two in that dark room before the alarm went off and cleared out the building. Ethan definitely saw them and wondered precisely what they were up to, but was far too preoccupied during his frantic search for Brynne to pay much attention.  *snickers*  I bet you can guess…

Here is a small excerpt from Priceless.  Gabrielle is looking at a painting and thinking about her life.


Two hundred years, two years.  They might as well be the same thing.  A lot could change in just two years…
I tried not to think about what I’d lost, but my self-imposed loneliness got the better of me sometimes, and I desperately longed for what Mrs. Gravelle had in her painting.
“I found you,” a smooth voice said behind me.
I turned to see who was speaking to me and got an eyeful of beautiful.  The man before me was six feet plus of dark, lean and sexy with green eyes the color of my dress.  He flashed me a smile that could only be described as wicked.
“Are you sure you were looking for me?”  He appeared to have money because I’d bet my extravagant new gown, that the tux hanging off his fine form was most certainly bespoke.  No doubt about it.  Was he a patron in need of a gallery tour?  A large contributor VIP?
“Oh yes, it’s definitely you,” he purred, “the beauty in the green dress.”  He leaned forward.  Close but not touching, his face tilted toward my neck.  I backed up.  He followed…until I was pressed against the wall.  “And they were so right,” he said in his silky voice.
Gabrielle Hargreave

Gabrielle Hargreave

“Right about what?” I asked, mesmerized by his features and his delicious scent, totally overpowered by how close he was to me.  My God, he smelled good.  “Um…d-did you want the standard t-tour?” I stuttered, amazed that coherent words were even forming from my lips.
“Mmm hmm,” he said, nodding slowly, drawing his gaze up my neck, “I definitely want your tour.”


I cannot wait for you all to read it.



  1. This is beautiful! Just another reason I love you!

  2. Melanie Lowery says

    WOW, cant wait to read the full story!

  3. You are the best!! To the moon and back…xxoo

  4. Sarah Piechuta says

    I can’t wait to read Gabrielle and Ivan’s story. And I think it’s amazing that so many of you came together for such a worthy cause.

  5. Cristina Riquelme says

    Can’t wait to read it!!!! I love it!!!!!

  6. Chris Parravicini says

    Loving it, cant wait to read Gabby and Ivan´s “tour”….

  7. can’t hardly wait to read Gabby-Ivan’s story ^0^

  8. So excited about this…I can’t wait to read Ivan and Gabby’ s story!!!!

  9. Just read it. Loved it but too short! Can’t wait for the book in 2014. I must admit I am both curious and dreading the story behind Ivan’s past that has left him so embittered. I am spoiled by Ethan’s devotion to Brynne. I want that for Gabrielle!
    Ms. Miller will this be a stand alone novel or also a series?

    • Raine Miller says

      Well, it was a SHORT story! Priceless will be a full-length, stand alone novel and be out by spring of 2014. There may be more spinoffs from Blackstone Affair but they will be single books going forward.

      • Wow! More spinoffs?! I’m soooo excited! Getting more and more hooked with your novels! Can I just say you weave wonderful stories that allow readers to see the characters like they’re old friends you keep looking forward to see how their life unfolds. You are simply amazing! Thank you for your stories! 🙂

  10. cyndi barber says

    Cant wait to read this. Im such a follower of your books and its going to a great cause.

  11. cant wait to get my hands on these…… 😀

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