The Wicked Marquis and The Outrageous Lady~

The cover for The Undoing of a Libertine will be here soon and as always it makes me nervous as hell. Searching around I stumbled upon these treasures.  God, I loved reading these books, and such catchy titles too!  Barbara Cartland was the queen of YA romance fiction back in the day and wrote some 723 titles over 77 years!!!  Just take those numbers in for a moment.  And if you consider that at her death in May of 2000 she left behind a whopping 160 unpublished manuscripts it’s even more astounding.  Those are being published by the way and are entitled, The Pink Collection.
                                                                                                                       I read piles of these short novels and I poured over the cover art time and time again in the course of reading.  All those soft illustrations with brushed strokes in vibrant colors of tall, dark, sexy heroes and ethereal glittery-eyed heroines mesmerized me.  I loved looking at the artful covers and every new cover made me desperately want to read the book.  I guess each story that I write has a little bit of a Barbara Cartland romance in it.  Our experiences lead us and I certainly experienced a whole lot of Ms. Cartland’s books.  And you never forget your first.  *wink*


  1. Stacie Stopen says

    My first was Kathleen Woodiwiss’s Shanna…”borrowed” it from my mother *grins* Loved the romance and the *coughs* scenery. Til this day though my favorite is A Rose in Winter… talk about romance, it had my young heart beating

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