Savvy Authors – Query pitch with Deb Werksman of Sourcebooks Results

Savvy Authors – Query pitch with Deb Werksman of Sourcebooks Results.

This was a pleasant thrill to end the week.  I entered this contest last minute–literally–as it ended at midnight EST and that made it 9:00 pm on my side of the U.S.  I was actually at a BSA dinner with my family and zipped home for 30 minutes to get my pitch posted before the contest closed, as usual, wearing several hats all at once!

John William Waterhouse...Lamia on her knees... 1905

Ms. Werksman has been on my short list for quite a while now, and low and behold, asked to see the full manuscript for a novel I’ve just completed!  Libertine Lover is about a man who lives a self-indulgent life and enjoys rough sex with anonymous courtesans until–you guessed it–he falls hard for a girl he wants to have a future with.  But she cannot be with him or any other man.  She’s terrified of intimacy after a brutal attack leaves her emotionally fragile.  What’s a libertine rake to do?  Hmmmmm…finding his inner  “gallant knight” and rescuing the lady in distress may be the only path he can follow.


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