Getting the call…

Well, surprise, surprise.  Today was the day!  January 31, 2011, the day I went from unpublished writer to soon-to-be writer under contract.  Yahoooooo!  Publisher (I’ll name as SBS) want to publish my novella, with a release date of June 2011.

Actually, a very nice acquisitions editor, named April, wrote a 2nd email to say, “Hi, we sent you an offer to publish your manuscript on Jan. 20th but have not heard from you.  Check your spam folder.”

Uh, say again?

Sooooooo, thinking there couldn’t possibly be anything good in my spam folder, I checked it.


There it sat:  RE:  Offer to Publish, His Perfect Passion.  I just about fell out of my chair.  The damn thing had come 11 days before!  God!!!!!

This all happened in the morning before school started.  Before my 1st graders came bouncing into my classroom, ready to start their Monday.  I had to actually teach after that!


Next comes the contract.  I’ll let you know how that works.

(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times / January 29, 2011)

On another note…

The bald eagle story caught my eye.  Now that’s gotta be true love there.  A wild male bald-eagle keeps coming to the Orange County zoo enclosure where a female bald-eagle resides in captivity.  The animal handlers have never seen anything like it before.  There’s a story in there just waiting to fly.


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