Inspiration, Rejuvenation and Refocus~

It’s the eve of Rom Con and as I scurry around getting my swag into the suitcase, my clothes organized, and my kindle packed, I find myself thinking about the next story.  The excitement of going to another professional conference and mingling with fabulous authors I read and adore has rejuvenated my creative spark.  So it’s time to get down and dirty with the next book.  Loosely titled, Unveiling June, it is about a painting, the back story being told in two parts, by two couples–one from 1812 and the other from 2012.  It’s funny how the smallest things can motivate a person.  I saw this painting and it did just that.  This is how I picture my modern couple in my head–in this spot-on work by Rob Hefferan.  Art is my thing and it is what got me started on my first writing over three years ago.  There is so much to be said about the subjects in a painting.  How I see it, those stories are just dying to be told.

See you at Rom Con.  I’ll be the gal with the awesome tote bags and flower pen swag!!!!  Raine~

Rom Con here I come!


My second convention.  Last year it was Romantic Times in Los Angeles, this year it’s Rom Con in Denver.  How different are things from a year ago?  In some ways, not very much. But in others…well, it’s making me smile just thinking about it.

This time I have two published books to my name.  Last year my first book, His Perfect Passion, had not yet been released so nobody had read it. This year I actually have some fans who have read my stuff and tell me they are looking forward to meeting me!!  *shaking my head in amazement*

Last year I showed up at the conference pretty much terrified and all alone. This time I will meet up with people I know and love and…drum roll, please…have ordered my first ‘author swag’ and eagerly await its arrival upon my doorstep–very gorgeous tote bags with my name emblazoned upon them.

Now add into that mix the chance to meet some authors I idolize and adore *cough*  Elizabeth Hoyt  *cough*  Julia Quinn   …and I’d say the whole thing is shaping up into a special time for me.