My cover! Come to Momma~

The long awaited cover has finally arrived. And I feel like a new mommy recovering from the birth. Kind of appropriate with Mother’s Day just around the corner. *wink*

Not to take anything away from mothers and the life-altering experience of actually giving birth, I can now say I have endured both, and while difficult and emotional at times, the rewards of holding the prize in your arms is incomparable.

Let me just say that I love my cover. *I love my babies too*

The final product incorporates my vision for His Perfect Passion, well…perfectly. I love the way Darius is holding Marianne and the expression on his face. There is no doubt about what he feels for her. Marianne’s face is hidden, and that fits too because she is hiding a secret which compels her actions throughout their story. I’m glad the mansion along the coast is in there because the sea is critical to the plot of His Perfect Passion.

Now, the journey to getting to this point was not without its bumps, but I’ll share that story another time.  Let’s just say that the first version didn’t quite mesh with my vision.  *takes a deep breath*

I hope you enjoy my very first romance cover as much as I am.  And if you’re wondering and don’t already know, yes, that’s Jimmy Thomas.  *blows kiss to Jimmy*