Puck Money

A Hockey Love Story

Book Cover: Puck Money
ISBN: 9781942095309
Pages: 307
ISBN: 978-1942095217
Pages: 307
ISBN: 9781942095569

Definitely NOT your parents' "financial planning" for one Russian/Romanian superstar center with money problems and the tantalizing financial advisor he's hired to sort out his p#cking investments. Boris and Talia are in for the ride of a lifetime in Fabulous Sin City as they follow the money trail and fall further i̶n̶ ̶l̶u̶s̶t̶ for each other in this opposites-attract hockey love story.

"They call me the 'Ice Dragon' but it's really just all for show."
–Boris Drăghici, VEGAS CRUSH

The Ice Dragon was traded to Las Vegas for one reason and one reason only.

To bring the Crush another Cup Championship.

But off the ice, there’s something not right with my money.

My financial managers in Russia are probably stealing from me.

So I really need the expert eye of a pro to investigate what's going on.

My money being stolen is problem number one.

Having the hots for the genius finance-goddess I just hired to help me out of problem number one?

That's my problem number two.

It’s very pucking hard to keep things professional when the girl of my dreams—the girl who may be the ONE—is saying "no" to crossing the blue line with me.

I guess this means the Ice Dragon will just have to keep fighting until Talia Wentworth understands that I want her for so much more than simply managing my puck money.

**PUCK MONEY can be read as a complete standalone sports romance. Each book in the Vegas Crush series is about a different couple.

Cover image by Giles Crofta.