My Lord

Book Cover: My Lord
Part of the The Rothvale Legacy series:
ISBN: 9781942095033
Pages: 315
ISBN: 9781942095026
Pages: 315
ISBN: 9781942095576

Priceless paintings…
Done in a master’s hand…
Revealed two centuries after they were created…

A collection of paintings has complicated Lord Rothvale’s life in ways he could never imagine. Actually, make that a beautiful art specialist from the University of London responsible for the complications in his life.

He’s sure about one thing though. Before Gabrielle Hargreave blew back into his sights on a stormy summer night, he never felt this good. She’s turned his world upside down, along with his wounded heart.

But Gabrielle is sporting a wounded heart of her own, and she’s terrified of risking it again on someone like Ivan. Will he hurt her as others have done? Or is Ivan Everley more than just commanding male beauty in a lordly package?

He will tell you he is, and knows how to keep his head in the game when it matters. Yet the truth is clouded for these two and there is trouble afoot... as well as an artfully intriguing mystery.

But Ivan is certain about one thing. He has identified his target and is determined to take the win—making Gabrielle his one and only Lady Rothvale...

A love beyond any price…
Lives intertwined over the ages…
Discoveries of the heart and of treasures hidden away…

*This is Book 2 of a series. Read PRICELESS first. You have been warned. xo


LIKE and love are not the same.  Her words struck me hard.  What was I even doing with this woman?  I don’t think I had a goddamn clue.  I just knew I wanted her, and being with Gabrielle like this, with her happy and playful, made me feel really fucking good.  It had been so long since I’d felt good, I had a bit of trouble even recognizing the sensation.  For now I’d just have to hold onto that thought and hope I wasn’t being a bloody fool over a woman—for what would definitely not be the first time in my life.

Once I was finally seated across from her, and could think for more than five seconds without the distracting desire to fold her over our lunch table and fuck her again, I managed to serve the food and pour the wine without incident.


“You do feed your dates well, Lord Everley, I’ll give you that,” she said over a bite of roast beef sandwich, “this is delicious.”  It was very charming to me that she didn’t understand how names and titles worked.  Being American, she had no reason to know, so I couldn’t fault her reasonable mistake.

“I wouldn’t call you a date.”  She was so much more than that.  The two of us were miles beyond dates, even if she didn’t know it yet.

“Well, what would you call me then?” she asked saucily.

“A challenge.”  And she was that.  I had barely accepted the fact she was the same girl Ethan wanted to introduce me to months ago.  Fate at work.  “You are the loveliest challenge to ever put me through my paces, Miss Hargreave.”  She looked down shyly and my cock stirred in appreciation.  Just one small submissive gesture from her and my inner Dom was running rampant with what I wanted to do with her.  I already knew that she was a person who dealt in truths, but I wondered if she too believed in fate.  Did she have any idea how attracted I was?  I doubted it, and I wasn’t planning on sharing that bit of information with her just yet either, because I had her now.  Gabrielle Hargreave was all mine whether she knew it or not.

“Touché, Lord Everley, good answer.  I like being a challenge.”  She smiled beautifully before licking her lips in a way that should be illegal.

I groaned and remembered how good her lips felt on my skin earlier—wrapped around me, kissing up the length of my—

“Did I distract you just now, Lord Everley?” she asked coyly, knowing full well what she was doing to me.  Such a tarty tease.  Later on I’d show her just how distracted I was.  Turnabout was fair play after all.

“You know, Everley is my surname, not my title.  There is no Lord Everley in Parliament that I know of.”

Her face fell in surprise.  “Is that what you do, Ivan?  For a job?  You are a member of Parliament.  In the House of Lords.”  That she really had no idea was clearly apparent.

“Why yes, Miss Hargreave, I do sit in The Lords.  I try my best to serve the nation in those areas that I can be of help.”

“Jesus…”  She still looked shocked.  “And you’re descended from the last tsar of Russia, too.”

I suppose my creds did sound hideously pompous to someone like her, but nobody could change the circumstances of their birth.  I’d lived with it for thirty-four years and it wasn’t going away until I was dead.  “What did you think I did for work?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe ruling over the villagers in between all those state dinners that barons and dukes must have to attend?  And, of course, there should be time for counting your piles of money, giving speeches to the historical society, and passing out the trophies at the dog show.”  She shrugged and bit the side of her luscious bottom lip.  I resisted the urge to stroke my finger across it and imagined replacing my finger with the tip of my cock instead.  Now that would be an even nicer image.

“That’s quite the job description you’ve given me.  Sorry to disappoint, Miss Hargreave, but I’ve never ruled over any villages, nor am I a member of any historical society that I am aware of.  I do give the occasional speech but it’s always work related.  I only attend a state dinner when I can find no excuse to get out of it, and I have to invest my money wisely so I can continue to live here instead of some dreadful hovel beneath my station.  Oh, and the banks are the best place for the money piles.”  I winked.  “As a bonus the bank will count it for you too.”

She laughed at my sarcasm.  “This is unreal.  You are a politician.”

“It wasn’t a thing I aspired to, but rather an obligation of sorts handed down to me.  But ironically, serving in Parliament suited me far better than I ever thought it would,” I told her honestly.

“Oh, how so?” she asked with genuine interest.  It was refreshing to be with a person who didn’t know anything about me, and who didn’t judge me based on my status or my past achievements.  Another point in her favor from where I sat.  I wasn’t going to let her out of my sight until I was certain she was hooked.


“As in bow and arrow?”

“The very same, Miss Hargreave.”

“Ahh, I remember now.”  She nodded enthusiastically.  “Brynne mentioned you were involved with the Olympics in London and that you did a sport.  So…archery...that’s cool.  I always admired the skill to shoot so accurately, but I know next to nothing about it beyond Katniss in Hunger Games.”

“I’d be happy to give you some lessons if you want to give it a go to see if you do like it.  I can’t promise you’ll be as good as Katniss, but you will know proper stance and set-up when I’m done with you.”

Which might be never. 


My Lord is book 2 of a series.