Lucky Puck

A Hockey Love Story

Book Cover: Lucky Puck
ISBN: 978-1-942095-59-0
Pages: 310
ISBN: 978-1-942095-60-6
Pages: 310

Pucks are flying in this forbidden, dating-the-boss, office romance at Vegas Crush headquarters bringing the new GM and the team's nutritionist together after a one-night puck with surprising consequences. But first, they'll have to shoot around that pesky no-fraternization policy in this steamy hockey love story.

"Lucky Las Vegas. It’s true I’ve had some major puck luck in this city. In ways I could never imagine."
-Grant Gerard, VEGAS CRUSH

General Manager of the sharpest skates on NHL ice—the Vegas Crush.

Dream job of a lifetime.

On the day I accepted their offer, I met Devon in the bar at my hotel where she was attending a conference.

We made a pact not to mention jobs or exes, so we talked about other things instead.

In fact, we did lots of talking that night.

Talking before and after the sexy naked things we also did in her hotel room that night.

Devon and I had a magical kind of “puck” luck going on between us.

All. Night. Long.

But our scorching night eventually turned to morning, and we said our goodbyes, returning to busy lives in different cities far away from each other.

I put our one-night-puck firmly in the past as an unforgettable encounter with a gorgeous woman I never dreamed I’d ever be lucky enough to see again.

But it turns out I am that lucky.

Because I did see her again.

Right here in Vegas, working for the Vegas Crush Organization—nutritionist for the team.

The same gorgeous Devon I can't stop thinking about is working in an office just a few floors below me.

I am the new GM, so…we’ll need to get around the corporate non-fraternization policy we’ve both now signed.

A policy I wish would PUCK right off into the flames of a Vegas desert sunset.

Because Devon Pearson is here…and I can't possibly stay away from her.

She's my lucky puck.


**LUCKY PUCK can be read as a complete standalone sports romance. Each book in the Vegas Crush series is about a different couple.

Cover image by Scott Hoover.

Cover design by Jena Brignola.

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