Lovely Pink

Lovely Pink
ISBN: 9781942095385
Pages: 157
ISBN: 9781942095392
Pages: 157
ISBN: 9781942095422

The politics of love are brutal.

Yes. They. Are.

But it doesn't really matter either way because this plan was set in stone a long time ago by the ones who hold all the power.

Reese Pinkarver and Grayson T. Lash III will marry and merge the political dynasties of the honorable presidential legacies they were born into. A destiny so much bigger than the both of us. With all the rewards that come with it…to the tune of a billion-dollar trust fund.

And I am here for all of it. All in. I know who I want to spend my life with. Who I want to have babies with. Who I want beside me as I make my way carrying on the legacy of our names.

My Lovely Pink.

All I have to do is convince her it's what she wants too.

*Lovely Pink is a STANDALONE novella.

*A version of this story was originally published as CAPITOL SOUTH in the limited release anthology collection, Love In Transit.


I had some vague ideas about my future, but it involved another person whose motivations were not completely clear to me just yet.  I needed more from him, but just wasn’t totally sure what more meant on my end.

I suppose, wearing my once-beloved wedding dress to a fun party tonight was a symbolic gesture I was ready to let the past go and move forward.

Relationships, men, weddings—were off the menu as well.  Despite one particular person’s opinions on the matter, I needed a break from the whole shebang.  There were other more important things for me to focus on at the moment.

As I walked the short block down New Jersey Avenue to the address where the party was being held, I got the most unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach—as if I was standing on the precipice of some great shift about to happen in my life.


That same feeling returned just a few minutes later when I lifted the heavy Victorian knocker on the door to Lance Oakley’s house, letting it fall three times in quick succession.  Lance is a friend I met when I started working at SIA.  He’s also the son of our sitting Vice President, so we totally “get” each other.  He feels just as trapped by his father’s role in government, as I do within the confines of my family.  For an Army veteran who lost his left leg below the knee in Afghanistan, Lance is remarkably positive in his outlook on life.  If you don’t count all those tats he has.  He is literally covered from the neck down.  I think he gets them as a form of therapy for the PTSD, but tattoos are better than drugs if it’s your addiction.

The front door to Lance’s house opened before me with a creaking groan, the tired iron hinges in perfect step with the Halloween decorations lining the stone steps and scattered across the landing.  I could hear music blaring and people shouting from inside, but I couldn’t see who was greeting me.

I tilted my head to peek around the door, but then pulled back quickly, anticipating a horrifying monster face to punch out and scare the crap out of me.

No freaky Halloween gag-greeting exploded from behind the door.

But there was something.

Actually, it was someone.

And not the host of the party, either.

“Hello, Pink.  I’ve been waiting for you.”  He smiled, his eyes registering my costume before widening his mouth into an even bigger grin.  “That’s a very pretty dress, but I think the sign you've pinned to the skirt needs to go, baby.  No more running away.”

“Gr-aay?” I stuttered, momentarily shocked to see him.  Grayson Lash looked as delicious as usual, this time in bespoke gray pinstripe from head to toe.  In keeping with the Halloween theme, a nametag in the shape of a crayon with GRAY written on it, in gray magic-marker of course, was stuck to his jacket.  “What are you doing here?”

“Lance invited me, but I’m really here just for you, Pink,” he answered in his sexy drawl, “and you already know why.”

“What do you want, Gray?”  I regretted my question the instant the words left my mouth, because he was correct—I did know.

He laughed and shook his head slowly as he stared me down.  “You’re gonna make me say it again, even though you know exactly what I want.”  He gave me another thorough perusal, his lingering look in the vicinity of my cleavage making my body heat spike in places that hadn’t seen any action in nearly two months.  The exact same amount of time since I’d seen Gray.  “Hell, you’re even dressed for it,” he added on for clarification.

“Why are you really here?”

“Because I want you to marry me,” he said clearly.

Gray’s tall frame filling Lance’s doorway went a little blurry before my eyes as my vision clouded up.  Suddenly there didn’t seem to be enough air left for me to breathe—in all of North America.

I was going down…and it was probably going to hurt.


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