Filthy Lies

Book Cover: Filthy Lies
Part of the Blackstone Dynasty series:
ISBN: 9781942095408
Pages: 286
ISBN: 978-1942095415
Pages: 284
ISBN: 9781942095583

On the day I turned fifteen years old I knew I loved James Blakney. There was a look in his eye that told me he’d finally noticed I existed in a realm beyond best-friend’s-much-younger-off-limits-don’t-even-think-about-it-little-sister. Call it womanly intuition, despite the fact I was barely qualified for being an actual woman at just fifteen—and only in the biological sense—but still, I knew I loved him.

What I never expected from him was a proposal of marriage nearly eight years later. I know it's not supposed to be a real marriage, but James is certainly making it feel that way.

He's also hiding something from me.

But I've hidden the truth from him as well.


So many filthy lies.

~Winter Blackstone

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Cover image by Scott Hoover.