Hockey in the Desert?

This is partly a confessional post, and partly a welcome back to blogging after more than a year away from it.  Sorry about that.  It is my goal to do better in the future.

Confession:  I am a hockey addict.

And since the hockey season has just been paused in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic (feels freaky even writing that word) and I’m feeling bereft at the possibility of no playoffs or Stanley Cup Finals, a toilet paper shortage, and having to cook all the meals…yes, I’m a wee bit on edge.  If indeed this season is now OVER until September when the preseason begins?  *Gulp*  Because that’s a lot of months with no hockey to watch.

But there is a silver lining to all of this.  I do have my fictional team to tide me over until then.  Yes, my addiction to the sport has filtered over into writing books about it.  “Hockey Love Stories” to be exact.   I have a series about a fictional Las Vegas team named the CRUSH, written as my alter-ego, Brit DeMille.  I did that to help separate my sports romance from my other books because Brit DeMille’s books are lighter with more of a romantic comedy feel than what readers are used to getting from Raine.  *winky wink*  I am loving writing these books.

My Vegas Crush series is made of up STANDALONE books about different couples and there are now four books available for your reading pleasure.  The fourth book, Puck Money, just released a few days ago.  You can check out the whole series right here.

I hope you’re being cautious, washing hands, social distancing, and all the rest of the recommendations floating around out there. But most of all, may you find some fun things to do in lieu of our usual daily routines.  I know I have about fifty books on my TBR pile right now, but I’m also taking this quarantine time to reorganize and downsize possessions–something that isn’t so fun while I’m doing it, but sure feels fabulous once it’s done.

Be well and many blessings, my friends,


P.S.  Yes, I am a superfan of the Vegas Golden Knights.  GO KNIGHTS GO!




  1. Glad you’re back with this post. We are in quarantine for 2 weeks, because hubby & sons went skiing, and someone tested positive. I am going to try & read, but your suggestions of organization & my need to purge seems like a good plan.

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