Rare and Precious Things

Ebook RAPT smallToday is a very special day. A day that one year ago put into motion the events that have led to many changes in my life.  One year ago, on August 25, 2012, I self-published Naked, The Blackstone Affair Part 1.  I didn’t have any grand expectations about my little novella– I was far too busy at my teaching job with the start of a new school year.   I think I sold 44 copies on the very first day and the majority of those sales were friends who LOVE me, so they don’t really count.  I know for sure I sold 11 copies on the 2nd day.  And you know what?  I was totally happy and satisfied with that number. That’s over 300 books in a month and was the biggest success I’d had up to that point.  I’d happily take it and count my blessings.  But something very unexpected happened over the next few days and into the 2nd week. I also clearly remember coming down the stairs and saying to my husband in bewilderment, “Something weird is happening on Amazon.  I think I’m going to sell over 100 books today.”

The surprises just kept coming and still continue up to now, one year later, like when an amazing author comes up to me at a signing and wants to meet me, or says they know all about me and my books and I think:  This cannot be happening to me.  It has to be a dream.  Surely they’ve made some kind of a mistake.

Surreal.  Every bit of it.

So I asked myself what I could give back to all of the amazing fans on this day as a token of my extreme thanks and appreciation for their support of this book series and their love for the characters over this past year?

I thought about it a lot and then decided that this was the perfect time to share what is coming.

Everyone has been so patient with waiting on me to reveal the title for my fourth Blackstone Affair book.  Thank you for that.  *Raine has truly been impressed*  But I can tell you that the wait is now over…AND there’s the added bonus of getting a first look at the cover as well.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  I am supremely grateful to the crazy talented Marya Heiman of Strong Image Design for helping me to get my vision realized for this fourth book which I have titled Rare and Precious Things.  She nailed it!

You have the title.  You have the cover.  The book will be here sometime in late 2013 to early 2014 and that is as specific as I can be right now.

Blessings to all of you and please know that I am always feeling ever grateful for mine.

xxoo R



  1. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS COVER AND TITLE. It could NOT be any more perfect if you tried. It is BEAUTIFUL.

  2. Kristine R says

    Wow I am loving the cover and the baby in the pic is so precious.

  3. Precious, rare, everything is what you are and what this series have given to me and my life. Will forever love and hold this series in my heart and look forward to many more projects working right beside you my darling.

    To the moon and back xxoo

  4. So Preciously Beautiful Raine! Certainly touch a heart string as I gave birth to my little girl recently!

  5. Robyn Ross says

    Congratulations Raine and I look forward to Rare and Precious Things xxxx

  6. the cover and title are just amazing so beautiful can not wait until it comes out so excited

  7. Karen Peacock says

    Raine, beautiful cover, beautiful story!

  8. Raine,
    The title and cover embodies you. Stunning, rare, precious, elegant and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us. M xx

  9. Perfect cover Raine. Congratulations in your success this past year. Amazing. You are an inspiration x

  10. Susan Clarke-Green says

    Congratulations Raine, you deserve all the adulation you receive. The title and cover of ‘Rare and Precious Things’ is stunning. As always can wait to read it. x

  11. Mary Lowery says

    Congratulations! I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this series……in my top three of all time and very well could be number one……the only books I ever had on Kindle and paid for the paper backs as well. That being said….I love the cover and I can’t wait for the next book! I’m sure it feels surreal. …but its very real and very well deserved!

  12. I have loved this series from book 1. This cover is stunning and it fits the title perfect. I cant wait to read this book. Thanks for sharing you story

  13. Lina Camille says

    Oh this is lovely!

  14. Tracy Alvarado says

    Congratulations! The cover is perfect! I can’t wait. You have awakened my love for reading, thank you!

  15. Tracy Alvarado says

    Congratulations! The cover is perfect! I can’t wait. You have awakened my love for reading, thank you!

  16. Nicole Laverdure says

    Sincere congratulations Raine. You are the best! The title is perfect. I adore your book cover, it’s different and original! Love the baby’s hand on his father’s shoulder! Bravo! I wish you lots of success in your writing career!

  17. Angela Ciani says

    Congratulations Raine on your success. Through your imagination you have captured our hearts with two loveable and endearing characters, that feel so real when you read about them. We never want their story to end. As for the cover…..words can not express.

  18. Rita Luken says

    Beautiful cover. So happy for you. The books are wonderful and I’m looking forward to reading the next book. Wishing you the best in the future and excited to see what you write next. Congratulations!

  19. Perf! I can’t wait. And I sure want to meet baby Blackstone. *squeeeee*

  20. I am in love with all your books! You have an amazing story telling capability.
    Congratulations on the 1 yr and thank you!

    The title and book cover are beautiful.

  21. from ARGENTINA..!love your book!!!!congrats!!!eveyone are in love with brynne and ethan……especially in my country…!i wish you the best,,!dont forget your funs around the world!!!!!!love
    estrella diaz

  22. Raine,
    You are a lovely and talented lady. I am so glad I have had the pleasure of meeting you in person to know you are lovely on the inside and out. I continually look forward to your next books and you will always be on my auto buy list. Thank you for giving us all your wonderful stories!

  23. I love the name and the cover! Thanks Raine for creating these beautiful characters that we love so much! It was fabulous to meet you at Book Bash in Orlando this year.

  24. There couldn’t be a more beautiful cover! Looking forward to reading the next installment.

  25. Great title and beautiful cover. Cannot wait for it to come out. Hopefully it can be preordered.

  26. Virna DePaul says

    Gorgeous cover, story, post, etc. Very happy for all your success!

  27. Michele Dewell says


  28. Beautiful cover. Beautiful title. Beautiful message. I love your books. Happy 25th.

  29. Heather Young says

    I LOVE THE COVER & TITLE!!!! I’m soo in love with these books Raine!! You are wonderful author and I am a loyal reader for life!

  30. Raine, your books are simply rare and precious in of themselves. You have brought happiness to many readers and make us feel things we either lost or never felt before. You truly do have the writing gift and we readers thank you everyday for sharing your gift with us. Happy First Anniversary on your incredible book. I have no doubt your future books will be simply amazing just as the prior books were. Thank You for making us fall in love again!

  31. kathryn presslee says

    I fell in love with your books. I can not wait for the next. the cover is beautiful. and I am so happy for all the success you have had plus all that will come to you. you are very talented

  32. Martha Baltazar says

    Beautiful cover Ms. Raine, but then again everything you do is so awesome. I’m so looking forward to this book. So happy for you and all of your success. It’s very well deserved. Love you Ms. Raine.

  33. Pennee Lynn says

    Perfect cover.. It’s beautiful and so true ! Can’t wait for the release ! Thank you Raine!!

  34. Cristina Riquelme says

    Beautiful cover, more than great it awesome!!!! thanks for sharing and cannot wait to the end of the year!!!!!
    Thank you for this awesome series.
    Happy Anniversary!!!

  35. I can hardly wait for this book Rare and Precious Things. The cover and title is so beautiful. Congratulations!! You are an amazing and talented writer.

  36. Awesome sauce. Thanks for sharing. I’m so excited, can’t wait to read it.

  37. 🙂 Loved it

  38. Mick Murphy says

    SO excited for this book! I absolutely LOVE this series!

  39. Sharon Bouyelas says

    I love the cover and the title. Can’t wait for this new book to be published. I found your books be accident and I don’t even remember where but fell in love with them immediately.

  40. What a difference a year makes, congratulations! The books speak for themselves and you deserve all the positive attention that comes you way. Looking for very forward to this last chapter in the Blackstone Affair and the cover is really breathtaking.

  41. Amazing cover. Happy naked anniversary ♥

  42. Monica florez says

    So pretty, I love it, congrats is fabulous, so excited next.

  43. What a delicious surprise, I’m so excited! Thank you, Raine! 😉

  44. Dearest Raine, it is we, who should be thanking you for allowing us to share in your amazing story! Congrats and you deserve all the amazing things that have happened to you over the last year! I wish you many more amazingly crazy happy events in your life.

    Love the title and the cover–and can’t wait to read the fourth book! Keep up the good work and big {{{HUG}}} from one of your many devoted fans!

  45. Angie Griffith says

    love it

  46. Raine, you deserve all the success. You are such a warm person, that it reflects in your writing and even your postings. I’ve had the privilege to meet you in July in NY @ the book signing and it was amazing. As one of your great fans, cannot wait for your latest. Keep writing these beautiful stories.

  47. Christiana says

    Congrats Raine! Thank you for making the world a sweeter place. I love the cover, looking forward to reading your next book!

  48. Thank you for your wonderful characters and their beautiful stories. I love them all and looking forward to The Muses and The Rothvale Legacy and of course more of Ethan Blackstone. Love us Raine!

  49. Anita Powers says

    Raine this is a beautiful cover and I am so excited for the next book. Thank you for bringing us such a great series.

  50. Lovely cover <3 Four word for book 4… and what four beautiful words they are. XXOO

  51. Sooo Excited! Love the title and the cover–and can’t wait to read the fourth book!

  52. W.O.W! A baby Brynne or baby Ethan, superb! Can’t wait for it, thanks for this. Keep us posted on the release date, please! If Ethan was rare and Brynne precious, imagine their kid!

  53. Thank you so much for sharing the exciting news! Can’t wait to read it! So love the books!!

  54. Lucinda Jester Smith says

    Raine the cover is so beautiful! The title is PERFECT! Can’t wait and thank you!

  55. Debbie Burton says

    Love the cover… can’t wait for the book.. OMG…

  56. I am so excited for 4th book. I read last one without stopping. This series @ top of my list & love, love Ethan & Bryn. Wishing you much more success:-)

  57. Maria morr says

    I love love the cover so beautiful..Cannot wait to read…but can we get just a little teaser?????

  58. I love love!!!!!! I am so excited for 4th book. Congratulations:-)

  59. I look forward to reading the 4th book, Rare and Precious Things. I love, love. the cover so beautiful..Cannot wait to read…but can we get just a little . Congratulations……..

  60. thank you. I’m anxious. Because next book comes out.

  61. Thank you for sharing another glimpse into the life of the Blackstone. I look forward to book and The Muse and the Rothvale Legacy.

  62. BRILLIANT….JUST BRILLIANT!!!!!!! I love it!!! The title and the cover is awesomeness!!!! KUDOS to you!!! Looking forward to more of Ethan and Brynne’s love story!!!!

  63. Girltrueheart says

    Well done. I keep checking for pre-order links at Amazon and B&N. It won’t be long now, another month I hope? *fingers crossed*

  64. Rhoda Ann Leon says

    Felicidades!!! Hermosa, tierna portada…. esperar sera nuestra recompensa cuando podamos disfrutar de esta exitante, conmovedora historia llena de amor!! I can’t wait.

  65. Hello Raine!!! I am Italian, I love read in English Language for exercise, I really really loved so much your books and this beautiful love story, I know they are arriving in Italy too, I think Italian girls love them as musch as I did! I ‘m sure it ‘ll be so !!! Looking forward the new one (can’t really wait!!!!) it’ll be great! Your are great!!!!
    PS: About the books-covers: simply wonderful!!!!

  66. Kathy Follett says

    Your books have kept me awake some nights. Go to bed have to get up just to read one more chapter(which we all know turns into many more). The cover for book for I think is outstanding, it really does convey the feeling and love of these books.. THANK YOU and keep it coming.

  67. Chicki George says

    Anxiously waiting for the book to be available. The cover is awesome and very precious – can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!!!!

  68. Loved this series. Can’t wait for this book. Any chance you are working on a book for for Ivan and Gaby?

  69. Gorgeous cover!!! Cannot wait to read it!!

  70. You released this book on my birthday….thank you for such a wonderful present. I can’t wait to listen to Cherry Girl 😉

  71. Mary Hageman says

    I can not wait for the new book to be release. Please hurry!!!!


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