Keep Calm new site     Raine Miller Romance now has a fresh new face, courtesy of Priceless Design Studio, and I could not be more excited about the finished product.  My favorite thing? Wanna guess what it is?  Yeah…it’s the countdown widget to Eyes Wide Open.  *grinning every time I see it*  I love the modern feel combined with the vintage elements that I adore, and I cannot wait to start adding some fun stuff for people to enjoy.  Katie Price, you worked some serious magic for me.  *big ginormous hug*

To celebrate this milestone there is a contest on my Facebook pages for 10,000 LIKES where two Kindle Fires will be given away.  You have to LIKE my Raine Miller Romance Fan Page and the Ethan Blackstone Fan Page on Facebook in order to enter and answer some scavenger hunt questions.  All in good fun, and I thank my wonderful street team of  Becca, Jena, and Franzi for taking such good care of me.

kindle contest

Now all that’s left is for me to take the advice of the title of this post and KEEP CALM because in five hours I am leaving for Maui with my family for a much needed break.  I plan on doing a lot of reading of all of the amazing books my good friends have been writing, and of course Lover at Last has finally arrived and needs my attention.  Desperately.  *glares*

Much love to the awesome fans for all the well wishes and support of my books.  I feel blessed every day to be able to write these stories and bring them to you.

*waves and blows kisses*

xxoo R


  1. Zuly. Rizzo says

    Love it

  2. I love how everything came together, Raine! Thank you so much for picking me to work with you on the new site design 🙂


  3. The first thing I noticed was the count down clock!! Love it! and will be back to check regularly.
    Have a great time in Maui

  4. Love, love, love it!! Beautiful site Raine. Congratulations, thank you for spoiling us. The countdown clock will be overly looked at. Safe travels xxoo

  5. I just wanted to stop by and give you a great big hug and say Congratulations on this beautiful new website! Of course I have my own countdown in my head of Eyes Wide Open but I absolutely love the new look of your site! I wish you a wonderful family vacation my love!! Enjoy, relax and be well! <3 You!

  6. Priscilla Shuster says

    Awesome looking new site! Love it!!!

  7. Tammie Aeberhardt says

    Congratulations, this is a wondersite. Just wanted to give you hugs from Canada. Have a wonderful vacation.

  8. Rose Cotton says

    Love the new site!!!!!!

  9. I love the new site. Especially the countdown. Wishing you a very well deserved vaca. Enjoy your reading. I am on chapter 19 of Lover at Last. Audible app is a blessing when you drive a total of 90 mins a day to and from work.
    Have a great time *smooches*

  10. Teresa Kaplan says

    Love the new site! Love the count down that is awesome!

  11. Martha Baltazar says

    Raine, Love, love, love your new “digs”. It’s awesome, but then of course you’re one awesome lady. Congratulations on the new look. Love it. <3

  12. I adore it Raine ~ Just like I adore you <3

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