My first review~

Stephanie Rollins over at Book Review R gave me my first one.  This is what she had to say…

Darius wants Marianne.  He always has.  Now, she is of marrying age.  Her father is facing debtor’s prison.  If Marianne refuses him, he will bribe her with her father’s freedom.  Will it come down to that?

Marianne does not feel worthy to marry Darius, who happens to be rich.  She has a deep, dark secret that haunts her. 

Darius likes to dominate.  Marianne is a virgin, but she has fantasies of being submissive.  It seems like a perfect match. 

This is a great erotic book.  The innocence ready to be lost, the submissive nature ready to give in, and the longing create for such a tantalizing read.  The characters are perfectly developed, and the plot is well-defined.  This is a book to read and recommend to friends.

I am thrilled to get 5 stars for my first.  It really made my day and pulled a smile out of me.  Raine~

You can check out the review and her site here:

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