LIVE and… Priceless

happy timesThis whole experience of publishing Priceless has been…….well, priceless.  Amazon decided to go ahead and roll it out today instead of the 12th. Please know I have zero control over this situation.  Regardless of what I planned, the book is now live on Amazon and can be purchased from the links below.  If you pre-ordered it from Amazon previously, and got an email informing you of the cancellation, then you need to buy it again with the new link.  Sorry for the confusion, you and me both on that.  If you pre-ordered from another vendor, it won’t be live until the 12th on iBooks, KOBO, and Nook.

I do hope you enjoy Ivan and Gabrielle.  They know how to have a good time together once they figure it out.  *snickers and goes off to drink a blueberry mojito*
All other vendors