The Undoing of a Libertine

A Libertine’s Salvation…

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A Libertine.

Jeremy Greymont certainly qualifies. ‘Sex rough and women loose’ is his credo—one he’s always taken very seriously, with no deference whatsoever to the society into which he’s been born.   He’s been perfectly content milling along through life on an existence of courtesans and fine Scotch whisky…that is until his grandfather lets him know he’s out of time, and his station in life comes with duties attached.  Jeremy must produce an heir—posthaste.  Lucky for him, the lovely Georgina is the perfect answer to his predicament and intrigues him like no other woman before her.

Jeremy can’t wait to make her his lady and begin working on creating that heir he needs so badly. He’s even willing to tone down his preference for the wild romps he’s always enjoyed in the bed chamber, just for her sake. There will be plenty of time to teach his innocent bride all about that after the wedding, right?  No, not even close.  Georgina’s demons trump Jeremy’s in so many ways. A brutal assault has left her wounded and vowing she can be wife to no man—not even Jeremy Greymont.

What   is   a   libertine   to   do  ?


“Georgina…I am so entangled in thoughts of you I could not find my way out if ever I desired.”
 -Jeremy Greymont

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The creek ran full before her. Its fresh current bubbling smoothly over pebbles rolled flat by innumerable surges of water and much time. Georgina realized she would have to wade across.

The heavy air seemed to swirl with the anticipation of impending rain as she sat down to remove her shoes and stockings. She wondered if she’d make it back before the drops actually started to fall. From the feel of things, she doubted it.

There was nothing for it though. She could see no other option. Moving quickly, she hitched up her skirts and forded across the bubbling stream. Reaching the other side without mishap, she climbed the bank and sat down again so as to don her stockings and boots once more.

* * * *

Stunned silent, Jeremy peered through the trees. He would have made his presence known had she not lifted her skirts and exposed her shapely legs at that very moment. He didn’t consider himself much of an intellectual but certainly possessed intelligence enough to know that if Georgina knew he was there, she wouldn’t be revealing her flesh to him, and he most certainly wanted to see her lovely display right now. In fact, he couldn’t have torn his eyes away from the picture of her if he’d tried.

He found her very pleasing. Long, dark blonde hair paired with a well-filled figure any man would appreciate. The color of her eyes was indiscernible to him though.  Jeremy found that suddenly he wanted very much to know the color of her eyes.  Georgina had indeed grown up, and the years had been very good to her. She bore curves in all the right places. Curves he could make very good use of. Curves he could worship. Those were generous breasts for all her willowy height, tall for a woman, but built gracefully.

Jeremy held his breath as she lifted a pale limb and pulled on a stocking. He kept holding it when she secured the stocking with a pink garter, wrapped around the tapering flesh above her knee. He finally succumbed to the need for air but breathed quietly so as not to miss the show when she repeated the exquisite act with the other leg.

God, yes! Georgina Russell had grown into quite a morsel. It would be a pleasant task to get an heir with her, indeed. Hopefully, he’d need to work at it, or on her, for a long, long time!

She appealed to him all right. He shifted his weight to relieve the uncomfortable tightening holding sway over his body.

Cool autumn rain began to plop down in slow, fat drops as he made his way silently back to his horse. He would move on and wait for her to emerge from the wood where she would sight him on the road.

The squall which had sprung up escalated as the minutes ticked by. Jeremy could tell the moment she spotted him though. She slowed noticeably as if unsure whether to continue in his direction.

Pulling his horse to a stop, he dismounted. “Miss Georgina Russell, I believe.” He inclined his head in greeting. “Do you remember me? I am—”

“I remember you, sir,” she cut him off, eying him stonily.

An attempt at lightheartedness compelled him to ask, “What’s my name then?”

“You are Mr. Greymont, my brother’s friend.” Her eyes fluttered down and away from him but he got a good look. They were golden eyes, glowing amber and liquid, like the smooth scotch whiskey he favored, swirling in cut glass.

“Well done, Miss Georgina. I am just on my way to your house now. I’ve been invited for the—”

“Shooting party,” she interrupted, her eyes returning back to him, but still so very solemn. That was twice now she had stopped him mid-speech. This girl before him was wary, on edge. If he didn’t know better, he’d say she seemed almost afraid of him. She was a wholly different person than he recalled, greatly changed. Georgina had grown up most fair for truth, but in her manner, she had definitely altered.

“Please allow me to take you home on my horse. Samson here is so strong he won’t even notice he’s carrying the both of us.” Jeremy reached up a hand to give the great horse an affectionate pat on the neck. “He’s gentle as a lamb around ladies.”

“No, sir.” She shook her head gently, making the cool rain dripping off her nose look absurd.

“I must insist. This rain is piss—” He cleared his throat and tried again, cursing himself for speaking so coarsely. “Um, the rain shower, it’s quite fierce at the moment. You realize you shouldn’t subject yourself to the wet chill longer than need be. Think of your health.”

She looked hesitant, unsure, shifting her weight as she stood there sizing his offer. Probably sizing him up as well.

He knew the uncontrollable urge to convince her. “I intend to get out of this rain myself, Miss Georgina, and I cannot do that if you won’t come with me. I’ll not leave you here alone on the road in a downpour,” he told her determinedly. “Come with me.” Jeremy reached out his hand to her. “You know who I am. It’s all right.”

She stared at him, her eyes darting as if making a decision to trust him or bolt back into the woods. Just like a nervous filly. She bit the corner of her bottom lip, probably having no idea how charming she looked in her indecision. Her lips were dark pink and full, puckered at the corner of her mouth where her teeth came together with flesh in between. How do those lips taste, I wonder? Will I ever know? I want to know.

Jeremy smiled gently, bobbing his arm that extended the hand. “You are safe with me.”

Those were the magic words apparently.

She stepped forward.