Sin Shot

A Hockey Love Story

Book Cover: Sin Shot
ISBN: 9781942095286
Pages: 310
ISBN: 978-1942095194
Pages: 307
ISBN: 9781942095545

Things are starting to heat up in the therapy room… for one Russian bad-boy defenseman and his not-so-innocent virgin physical therapist in this steamy hockey romantic comedy.

"There's a lot more to me than what I've let on in the public eye."
—Georg Kolochev, VEGAS CRUSH

No, I don't drink vodka straight from the bottle. I don't pour it over my breakfast cereal either.

I am not in need of an intervention... unless it involves me and a certain blonde bombshell alone in a room with a locking door.

I've done my fair share of partying, I'll admit. And yes, I've built up something of a reputation with the ladies when not on the ice. That's on me for being careless with my posts on social. And I do know what's most important in my life.

Two things.

Hockey... and Pamela Jenson.

My favorite physical therapist needs me so much more than she knows.

Because I am the guy delivering her sin shot.

Yeah, you heard me.

I'm her first.

Sinning with Pam has never felt so good.

**SIN SHOT can be read as a complete standalone sports romance. Each book in the Vegas Crush series is about a different couple.

Cover image by Scott Hoover.

Cover design by Jena Brignola.