Amazon Pre-Order Cancellation—NOT!

keep-calm-new-amazon-links-coming (1)Okay then…  Yeah, sometimes things happen that are out of the realm of our control and this is one of those times, folks.  Amazon, in all of its infinite wisdom and publishing know-how has had some problems   *I’m trying to be diplomatic here* with the pre-order file upload of PRICELESS.  These problems have been ongoing since the pre-order started back in August.  The decision was made early today to pull the pre-order from publication.  So those that did indeed pre-order will be getting an email from Amazon that your order is cancelled as well as your payment.  They don’t ever charge you for a pre-order until the book releases.

DO NOT PANIC.  I repeat, DO NOT PANIC.  I have re-published the book in a new file and am hoping for live links very soon to provide for; UK; CA; AU.  The book is already uploaded and ready to hit your kindles at midnight September 12th.  The other platforms (iBooks, Kobo, Nook) are unaffected–this is only the Amazon pre-orders which have been cancelled.

Sorry for the cock up (as Ivan would say) and please Keep Calm and Carry On (as the natives would say).

xxoo R

Slow Her Down

shower kissSHE was already washing her hair when I came up behind her into the pool house showers.  I watched for a moment as she hurried to do everything in a rush.  I needed to slow her down.


She turned and dunked her head under the spray and let the shampoo rinse out of her long dark hair, her eyes closed tightly, not acknowledging me.

I pulled her against my chest, my hands linked behind her back so she couldn’t push away.  Her breasts pressed into my chest, soft and wet as I put my lips to hers.

Her hands came up to my chin and faltered.  Maybe in defense, or possibly just protecting herself from me, but it was still an acceptance, and she didn’t do more than just hold her trembling hands suspended between us while I kissed her under the shower spray.

I could work with that.

A kiss was intimate, and helped me to dig my way further under her skin.

I know how to win, using every small thing to my advantage in order to get there.  I had the medals to prove it.

She was my win.  My gold medal.

Winning Gabrielle would be my toughest competition yet.

But so worth it.  So fucking worth it in the end.



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Trust Me

Teaser2a“IVAN, are you sure about this?”  I’d asked as he buckled my life vest and then did the same with the seat straps.

“Oh I’m very sure about taking you for a ride in my plane.”  He leaned close and kissed me expertly, leaving me breathless again.  He pulled on the straps to check them and said, “Safety first, Miss Hargreave, but you’re going to love this, trust me.”

I still wasn’t completely sure what had just happened with him.  One minute he was reminding me how well he could use his lips on me, and the next he was pulling me toward his plane and asking if he could take me up for a ride.

He said, ‘trust me.’

Could I trust Ivan Everley?  Should I trust him?

He’d looked so serious when he asked the question, holding my face in his two hands and waiting for my answer.  I think I would have devastated him if I’d told him no.  I thought about it.  I should have told him no.  I think the four, or was it five, berry mojitos might have had something to do with my acquiescence, but he looked so happy when I agreed to go.

One of my many flaws is that I am a risk-taker at heart.

I’ll try anything once.

So, when Ivan suggested we take a night flight in his Cessna floatplane, takeoff from the water, and look at the city lights of England under a summer full moon, I said ‘why not’ and let him put me in his plane.  Again, the mojitos helped me come to my decision to go with him.

“You were totally right, the city lights are so incredibly pretty.”  I peered out the window thoroughly enjoying the view from the air.

“Your lack of fear impresses the hell out of me, Miss Hargreave.”

“Why do you call me that all the time?  It’s so formal.”  The alcohol had loosened my inhibitions and all kinds of questions started pouring out of me, but he didn’t seem to mind answering.  So, I kept asking.

“I like formalities … sometimes … as you’ll learn,” he said deliberately.

“Because you’re a lord?”

He gave me a snort.  “No, that’s not why.”

“Who taught you to fly a plane?”

“My uncle arranged for me to go to flight school when I was at university.  He thought it was appropriate for his heir to know such things.  It was something I really took to heart.  I loved flying from my first lesson.”

“Why did you love it?”

He shrugged.  “The freedom I suppose.  Troubles seem less important from up here.  At least it’s always felt that way to me.”

“Are we flying over the ocean right now?”  I couldn’t see any more city lights and it made sense.

“That is the Irish Sea below us.”

“Do you ever land this in the ocean?”

“No.  That’s the thing with floats; they only work in very calm waters.  The ocean is far too rough and landing in it would not be safe, trust me.”

“You keep telling me to trust you.”

“I know I do.”  He reached his hand over to mine and brought it forward to rest on his lap.  “Is it working?” he asked hopefully, pulling it up the rest of the way to his lips.  Ahhh, so he could do romantic, too.  Deadly combination Mr. Everley had going on.

“Well, I’m trying really hard to trust you.  I let you take me for a ride in your plane when I could be putting my life at risk.  I mean, how should I know if you’re a licensed pilot and have the proper skills to land on a lake?”

He flashed me another of those teeth baring smiles.  They were very white and even, but he had the gap between the front two.  Sometimes imperfections were more beautiful than the absence of them.

“You’re about to find out.  Here we go.”

He had to release my hand to work the controls and do his checks.  His hands moved in precise motions, focused and confident.

I was mesmerized as I watched him work to prepare the plane for landing.

He banked toward the left before leveling it out to descend rapidly and drop us just a few feet over the dark water of the lake.  We skimmed along for a bit until the swoosh of water grabbed the bottom of the floats and immediately slowed our momentum.  In a matter of seconds we were no longer propelled through the air, but floating in water and gliding along smoothly like a sailboat.

“Wow, that was so—so awesome.”  And I really meant it.

“So, you enjoyed that did you?”

“Yes.  It was beautiful.”

He looked at me and said, “You’re beautiful.”



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Wonderful and Terrifying


I left the bed carefully so I wouldn’t wake her up.  I was on a mission of great importance.  Really fucking vital you might say.

I found my reading glasses and my mobile and texted Lowell.  Have condoms delivered to Donadea residence ASAP.  This is an URGENT matter.  -I Everley

My assistant was quirky but he did everything I asked without question.  I had no qualms making requests to him for anything.  I could count the non-family members I trusted implicitly on one hand, and Lowell Brinkley was on that list.

My mobile buzzed.  What kind do you want?  -Lowell Brinkley, Administrative Assistant to Mr. Ivan Everley, Lord Rothvale XIII

I rolled my eyes at the ridiculously absurd signature he attached to his messages and realized the part about him never questioning me wasn’t quite true.  The kind that will cover my cock.   -I Everley

I silenced my mobile and studied Gabrielle sleeping in my bed.  It was all I wanted to do right now, to look at her.  She had mesmerized me from our first meeting up until this very second.  What we had done here together last night was something I’d never forget.  Being with her was also an experience unlike anything I’d ever had with a woman.  There had been many women, and I’d enjoyed a lot of sex over the years, before and after my disastrous marriage.  I could say for certain that not one of those women was anything like Gabrielle.

just a finger

I drew my fingertip over her cheekbone and moved a bit of hair that had fallen over her face back behind her ear.  She stirred a little but didn’t wake up or open her eyes.

I settled back into the bed beside her and got comfortable.  I thought about the idea of what being with her last night had meant to me.

Somehow, it felt wonderful and terrifying both at the same time.



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Priceless Moments

I realized I’ve been remiss on sharing teasers from Priceless like I usually do when I’m about to release a book.  Enjoy this one where our Gaby and Ivan are finally talking civilly for the first time.  *I think they are adorable*

~ *~


lakegabyari“YOU liked this last night so I hope another blueberry mojito is okay.”  I held out the glass to her as I came up behind where she was waiting for me opposite the dance floor.  The fact she was waiting for me at all and not fleeing was a nice place to start, I thought wryly.

She accepted the drink and took a sip.  “Oh, that’s strong, but it’s good.  Thank you.”

“A pleasure of course.”  I tipped my head, wanting to show her I did possess some manners even if she’d never really witnessed it from me.  I could tell she was a complicated woman, but it was the fact she was a total mystery that captivated me more.  I needed to peel away her layers and discover her secrets one by one until there weren’t any more to know.  She drove me to wanting to know everything.

Her eyes flicked down and away from me.

My eyes on her stayed put.

I finally had her semi-alone, and since she wasn’t running for the moment I needed to get my fill of looking.  The warm summer breeze fluttered her gauzy lavender dress and pressed it against the definition of her legs and breasts.   Intoxicatingly female.  She was also a woman very finely made.

Her hair moved too.  I wished she would look at me so I could see what was in her eyes.   Eyes were sometimes all you needed to see to know how a person felt about you.

I was still trying very much to understand her motives.  Why she had been so connected at the gala, and why she kept running from me now.

I hadn’t been very successful so far but there was one thing I was dead sure about her.  Gabrielle Hargreave was really struggling with our attraction.  And there was one between us for sure.  Right now, I could feel the heat coming off her as strong as it had the first time we’d met in that back gallery hallway.

“This whole thing is priceless you know,” I said, “you being Brynne’s friend I was supposed to meet and ask to have a look at my paintings.”

She smiled and lifted her eyes but the smile didn’t reach them.  “Yeah, pretty much in agreement with you there.”

“Why does it make you sad, Gabrielle, because I’m not.  I wanted to see you again after the gala.  I tried to find you.”

“I’m not sad,” she said softly.

“You are.  I see can see it in your eyes.  But you don’t have to be.”  I brushed a strand of hair back and tucked it behind her ear.

She froze when I touched her, a current of energy snapping between us.

She held my eyes this time and told me.  “I’m so ashamed of my behavior with you at the gala.  That’s the honest truth, Ivan.  If that night had never happened then I imagine our first meeting would have gone down differently.”

So she felt shame for her reaction to me in that storage closet.  I didn’t like that because shame had nothing to do with it.  She’d done nothing shameful by being with me.  That left me with one conclusion as to why she was ashamed.  Somebody had hurt her badly in the past and taught her to feel that way.

I didn’t like that, either.

“Let’s walk.”  I held out my arm.  “The lake is pretty at night with the moon shining.”

She eyed me and weighed her decision, standing there mouthwateringly gorgeous with her dress moving softly in the night breeze, holding her drink with both hands.

“It’s okay, I’m completely calm and mellow right now.  At your suggestion I’ve been reading up on my notes from Being a Human 101.”

She laughed softly, transferred her glass to one hand and took my arm with the other.  “I hope it helps.”

“It probably won’t, but I’m sure you’ll tell me when I need to brush up on the main points.”

“It is pretty out here.  You were so right,” she said, looking up at the full moon making the night quite bright for the late hour.

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous,” I quoted.

“Aristotle, right?” she asked flashing a small smile.

I nodded and brought a hand to the back of her neck to steady her as we walked the footpath toward the lake.

“I had to study the classics at university much to my dismay.”

“And you hated it?”

“It just didn’t interest me at the time, but there is value in it I suppose.  Like this lake at night with the moon shining overhead.”

She looked out at the view and studied it, still allowing my hand to rest on her neck.  “It is something of the marvelous, Ivan.”

“I know.”

She didn’t even realize I was referring to her … and not the view of the lake.


coverComing September 12th in ebook and paperback



Keeping Calm Are We?

keep-calm-raine-has-books-comingI read about the story behind the poster and was absolutely fascinated by the rich history involved in its creation.  In 1939 the posters were commissioned as WWII propaganda to bolster the public during the dark days of wartime hardships coming to Britain.  Fifty years later a bookshop owner found one in a box purchased at auction and loved it so much she had it framed and displayed in her store.   I found a cool YouTube about the history of The Keep Calm and Carry On poster that you can watch here –> VIDEO   It’s just three minutes and will make you feel good.  Trust me.

From its discovery in the bookshop in 1991 the poster grew into the phenomenon we have today where you can generate your own poster at Keep Calm-O-Matic and share it on social media with all of your friends, to tons of merchandise you can wear, drink coffee from, write with, write on, hide your trinkets in, and many, many more uses.

So what did I do?  I got on The Keep Calm-O-Matic and started making posters.  LOL  Especially since I have FIVE new books releasing in the next months I thought I’d start with something snarky.  Yes, I am a busy woman writing lots of books and just thought I’d let you know what’s on its way  –>  UP and COMING

Calm?  How in the heck can I keep calm or even be calm?  I’ve got way too many books to write!


Algo raro y precioso

Ebook RAPT SpanishMe complace anunciaros que, por fin, voy a publicar mis libros en español, y lo haré por mi cuenta.
Comenzaré con Algo raro y precioso, la cuarta entrega de El Affaire Blackstone.
No ha sido fácil tomar la decisión de autopublicarme para mis lectores de habla hispana, pero sí sé que esta es la decisión correcta.
Por fortuna, he sido bendecida con grandes amistades que me ayudan a estar en contacto con mis fans en este idioma y me echan una mano a la hora de poder concretar este sueño. Así que después de esperar casi un año, de que mis seguidores me escribieran todos los días diciéndome que querían leer este libro en español, puedo anunciaros que podréis conocer el desenlace de la historia de Ethan y Brynne.Spanish teaser1
Todos mis libros anteriores están siendo traducidos al español (si no lo han sido ya), y los que publique en el futuro serán publicados en este idioma a su debido tiempo; no volveréis a tener que esperar un año para leer una de mis novelas en vuestra preciosa lengua. (Sí, tengo en cuenta todo lo que me contáis en vuestros correos electrónicos).
Mis libros están ahora en las capaces manos de la traductora más maravillosa del mundo. Vive en España y está a punto de empezar a trabajar con Cherry Girl, que verá la luz en otoño (el otoño del hemisferio norte). Algo raro y precioso estará a la venta el día 25 de julio de 2014 y ya se encuentra en preventa en las principales plataformas, tanto en versión digital como en papel.
Espero que leáis y saboreéis de mis libros en español cuando estos vean la luz y que disfrutéis de todos y cada uno de ellos en vuestro hermoso y romántico idioma.

Mi más profundo cariño,

xxoo R


Putting It All Into Perspective

I want you to think of Ivan sticking it to social media with this sword. *grin*

I have been very remiss.  I know, and I am sorry.  I try my best to get a blog post up monthly and am constantly reminded that I haven’t done one when I look forlornly at the last post I made on February 28th, the day that Rare and Precious Things released.

We have now come to the final day of May and if I want to get in under the three-month window it’s today or nothing.  So, why have I been absent?

Pretty much because I’ve not felt very social.  Real life took precedence and I was where I needed and wanted to be during my father’s illness and eventual passing on the 8th of April.  I just didn’t have anything interesting or fun to talk about and so I took the time to reflect on lots of aspects of my life in general and I think it has been a good thing for me, and my family.

What are you talking about, Raine?  Why so cryptic?

Social media is the backbone of my business, but in the past three years since I have been really active on Facebook and Twitter (let’s not even mention PinterestInstagram and Goodreads) it has changed as much as Indie Publishing has, consuming hours and hours of my productive days to where I can no longer manage it all with an effective use of my time.  I have tried, and yet, feel like I’m treading water wearing a suit of armor.  I used to spend more hours writing than I spent on social media.  Not anymore.  I…socialize a lot, and if I’m honest, too much.  Visiting my fan page and book discussion groups, sharing any book-related or signing-event news, posting stupid pictures that make me laugh, sharing book releases for author friends and acquaintances,  while knowing full well it would take an apocalyptic event to ensure me some reading time of someone else’s book for enjoyment.  Too much socializing I fear.  I do all of that socializing and get stressed about word counts and writing deadlines, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it just isn’t very fun, and no way to live my life.

Don’t panic and think I am deleting my accounts on Facebook and Twitter because I won’t be.  I need them to do business, but I don’t need them to be happy and live my life or to write new books.  I wrote three books before I ever had a Facebook account, and I miss that innocent time very much.  I wish I could go back to it, but I know I can’t.  Real life doesn’t work that way.  It is hard work all of the time and you do it because you love it, and cannot imagine doing anything else.  Writing was my escape and entertainment when nobody much knew who I was or that I had even published a book.  I want to find that feeling again.

Another example is how much I enjoy traveling to meet fans and new readers.  I love visiting new places and talking about my books to people who want to meet me.  I love seeing my peers and catching up with them.  I just got back from the RT Convention in New Orleans and had a very wonderful and productive trip.  I love traveling…BUT…I love my family more.  I’d rather be at home with them and writing new books for my fans to enjoy, than trying to absorb the miasma of whatever is trending on social media.  And let’s face it, a lot of that miasma is drama-laced tabs on who is doing what, and to whom, and whatever.  Mostly just useless crap that didn’t enrich my life even a tiny bit while I was looking at it.  Trust me, at my age, I need things that will enrich my life.  LOL

I’ll still be checking in on my pages at least once a day, you’ll still see posts from me that relate to my books, and I’m sure I’ll still share a funny when something crosses my path that gives me a kick, but mostly I will be getting back to the basics of where I started with this whole writer thing.  Less Social Media = More Books From Raine pretty much sums everything up.

If you want to keep up with what is going on in Raine Miller World you can do that in a few ways.  I am soooo blessed to have the help of some wonderful people who pimp the hell out of my stuff and keep me organized.  They know who they are and how much I love them.

1)      Sign up for my NEWSLETTER <– here.   I promise you won’t be inundated with postings.  I will only send one when I have a new book or link for pre-order or purchase.  Think no more than once every OTHER month.

2)      Sign up for this BLOG by filling out the form on the right sidebar –> ALL POSTS BY EMAIL.  Anything important will always be posted to my blog on a monthly basis.

3)      Join the Raine Miller Romance Readers group on Facebook for daily fan fun and news, plus read-a-longs of my books.  The amazing ladies who run it know everything that is going on with me and my books and can probably answer any question you might have.

4)      Follow me on Twitter @Raine_Miller and on Goodreads.  Everything important gets posted there too, now that I have figured them out.  *You should know it wasn’t at all easy for this old woman to figure out*  😛

5)      Use the CONTACT button for email if you want to message me.  I will always reply.  Or snail mail.  If you want to send me your books to be signed, I have a PO Box listed for mailing to me.  I will sign your books and pay the postage for return.  I’ll even throw in some swag because I thank you for reading and loving my books.  You can also buy signed books directly from me using the SIGNED BOOKS tab if you want something and are not able to attend a signing event in person.

To quote a simple, but happy man:

“And that’s all I have to say about that.”

                                                    -Forrest Gump

Blessings, et al

xxoo R

Baby is Born!

it's liveGood morning!

And on that note…

(this request is made with tremendous love and respect, but I am dead serious–picture an Ethan Blackstone hard stare as you read this)

Here is a beautiful video made by The Book Avenue of the top ten moments for you to enjoy.  Thank you, Cris!!!

  Top Ten Moments from Rare and Precious Things 


I am happy to deliver Rare and Precious Things to the world today.  This is the fourth book in The Blackstone Affair series.  Is it the final book for Ethan and Brynne?  For now it is.  Will I write any more books about them?  It’s possible, but not in the foreseeable future.  My plans are to move on to some of the other characters that have been introduced along the way.  Ivan and Gaby need to have their story told next.  Those two are always getting “lost” together, and it’s time for people to know what’s going on there.

I’ve also introduced a new character in this book that will be getting a whole series–Dillon Carrington–so watch out for news on him.  There is a ‘dark horse’ in the book, who may, in time, get a book, too.  The jury is still out on him, but let’s just say that his story has been swirling around in my head since I penned Naked over a year ago.  You will know who I am talking about when you read.  And then, there is still Neil and Elaina, from Cherry Girl, who have some things to be resolved in their future, plus her brother, Ian Morrison, will get his story told eventually.  So, as you can see, I have my work cut out for me.

Some questions people have been asking:

1)  Will Rare and Precious Things be produced in audio?  Yes.  I am working on an audio version with my agency for production.  It won’t be tomorrow, but hopefully in a month or so.

2)  When will the book be on Kobo?  That’s a very good question, and I cannot say for sure.  Their time frame is stalled at the moment. We must be patient.

3) When will it be translated into Spanish?  I am working on trying to get a translation rights deal done with Spain for Rare and Precious Things and Cherry Girl.  When I have a definite on that, I will share.  The good news is, once we have agreed upon the translation, it doesn’t take too long for the book to be translated.  About one month.

4)  What about paperbacks from other vendors besides Amazon?  The orders have been placed, but a wider distribution will take a few weeks to be showing up on sites like Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million.

Love to all, and blessings upon you and yours.

xxoo R


Smoke and Mirrors~

kill yourself“My wife will never agree,” I told him, picturing how I’d left her in bed after crying herself to sleep.  Drained and exhausted, and very emotional from the argument with her mother.  That insensitive cow was on my last nerve too.  I stubbed out my ciggie and lit another.

“Make her agree, Blackstone.”

“I know you care for nothing but the success of your campaign, Senator, not even what’s happened to your son, but I don’t give a maiden queen’s first fuck about your politics, or your rapist son.”

I’d give Oakley points for laying it all out on the line.  He wasted nothing on words.  Just went straight to the issue in that tonal American accent of his that seemed almost devoid of humanity.  “Don’t you think it’s better to be a couple of indiscreet teenagers who had a lapse in judgment years ago, and who’ve put it firmly behind them, than to worry about extortion should their shameful secret be brought to light?  If they are still friends, then no crime ever occurred.  Simple insurance, Blackstone.  I think you should care very much.”

As much as I hated to admit it, Oakley’s ‘insurance’ scheme was really very clever.  But the cleverness of it wouldn’t help Brynne.  It would hurt her.  “I care about the welfare of my pregnant wife, who was made ill tonight by this whole shitstorm blowing up in media.  And that, Senator, is not going to help you one iota.  I can’t make her go and see him.  She won’t do it.”

He responded with, “Within the week, please,” and cut the line.  I stared at my mobile, sure the number he’d called from was already deactivated.  The tingle of fear scratched its way down my spine.  I lit another Djarum and filled my lungs.  I didn’t know how to fix this problem, and it had grown exponentially in the matter of hours.  The US presidential election was propelling this one.  How in the goddamn shitting hell did one fight that monstrous beast?

So I got up and left my office.   I went to sit outside on the balcony, where I started smoking in earnest.  One ciggie after the other, until I was high from the pumping nicotine that fueled the addiction I couldn’t deny.smoking Ethan

The smoke drifted away on the cool nighttime breeze in lazy, wafting swirls.  I had a flash of longing that my problems could magically do the same.  Wishful thinking.  Real life never worked that way.  My hand was being forced in this.  Sometimes my experience with poker was a curse…because I knew the odds here.  I could see when folding was the only option.

It wouldn’t help Brynne to bring her into Oakley’s circle, but I feared it was already too late for that.


Rare and Precious Things coming February 28th

#Blackstone4  on Twitter @Raine_Miller


xxoo R