Best Reading Order

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This is purely subjective on my part, but after long ponderings on the matter, this is the best reading order I can come up with for my books if you are a purist and want your reading to fall in a linear fashion.  The easiest way to divide my books is historical romance vs. contemporary romance.  My historicals are each about one couple and have HEAs at the end.  The historical books can also be read at any time because they are independent romances that took place in the past.  My contemporaries are series with more than one book about the same couple and have to be read in order by design.

Also important to note is that I like to write my books so that the reader will find Easter Eggs scattered here and there that link past to present, either in ancestry, or location, or in objects such as the paintings that appear in most of my stories.  Examples: The art gallery where Brynne works in Naked is named after Lord Rothvale from The Muse.  The portrait Gabrielle and Brynne discuss in Eyes Wide Open is of Jeremy and Georgina and their family from The Undoing of a Libertine 175 years earlier.   The estate in Northern Ireland, Donadea, where Ivan and Gaby meet in Priceless, is where Graham has just left before returning to England in The Muse.  There are lots of these kinds of connections throughout all of my stories and you’ll just have to read the books to find them.  Happy Reading!

My series on Goodreads.

The Blackstone Affair is set in London on the eve of the Olympic Games. Elite private security agent, Ethan Blackstone buys a nude portrait of American art student, Brynne Bennett and finds his world rocked to its core.  Books are not standalone and must be read in order.  Four books.

Neil & Elaina is a spin-off of The Blackstone Affair focusing on Neil McManus, co-founder of Blackstone Security International, and his longtime love for Elaina Morrison.  Books are not standalone and must be read in order.  Two books planned.

The Rothvale Legacy takes place in Northern Ireland with former Olympian, Ivan Everley, a.k.a. Lord Rothvale, and his pursuit to win Gabrielle Hargreave, an art conservationist from the University of London who has come to catalogue his priceless collection of paintings.  Books are not standalone and must be read in order.  Duet-two books.

Rothvale Legacy Historicals are set in Regency England and tell the saga of Graham Everley and Imogene Byron-Cole, their family, their love of art, and the heartbreak they must all overcome in order to find their destiny. Books should be read in order but each is a complete love story with a HEA featuring a different couple.  Three books planned.

Somerset Historicals are set in Victorian England of the late 1830’s along the Somerset coast. Books should be read in order but each is a complete love story with a HEA featuring a different couple.  Two books.

Blackstone Dynasty is a new contemporary series set in the Boston area about the wealthy American Blackstone family beginning with Caleb Blackstone and Brooke Casterley.  Each book is complete with a HEA featuring a different family member’s journey to true love.  Five books planned.