release dayRaine is breathing a sigh of relief and feeling like a long sleep would be the order of the day, except it is 1:00 am in the morning and I seem to have forgotten when I should be sleeping and what constitutes day or night.  Or maybe I just stay awake most of the time for the hell of it.  Just kidding…  Really, I am happily content that another book has launched and is safely into the hands of readers who tell me they like reading my books.  *big grin*  This is always a thrill for me, as I imagine it is for any author who creates characters that feel like they are real people, but especially because I created Ethan Blackstone and Brynne Bennett by accident.  I wasn’t looking for them or even thinking about their story.  Far from it–I was working on two other projects when I discovered the photo that would become the cover for Naked.  I love that I started the series on a whim and a whisper of an idea.  I often wonder what I would be doing right now if I hadn’t started writing their story.  Those two have come a long way in a very short time and I hope you enjoy the evolution of their love in Eyes Wide Open.

If you’ve been on Goodreads then you know that a 4th Blackstone book is in the works.  It will be more of a standalone story, taking Ethan and Brynne beyond the happily ever after at the end of most books.  There is so much more still to come for these two that I discovered while writing book 3, and I am eager to share it with readers.  Stories often take on lives of their own and just have to be told the way they wish to be told.  *shrugs*  It’s out of my control really.   No explanation or justification needed, merely a fact.  If you write, then you understand what I suit

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite photos of the perfect physical interpretation of Ethan Blackstone, the sublime David James Gandy.  You can follow Mr. Gandy here: and I urge you to do so.  He is an interesting guy.  Not bad to look at either.  *wink*


xxoo R


  1. Karen L says:

    Raine, what a series you have here. When Brynne and Ethan arrived just after midnight, I whisked them up to bed and cuddled right into their story. You definitely have another hit with this one. I am so looking forward to book #4. Congratulations on Release Day! <3

  2. Yes!!! finally the story continues! Can’t wait to start reading it! I love knowing that a 4th book is on the works!!! Thank you!!!!!

  3. I’m reading it now! So happy more of their story is in the works. Of course I follow D.G as well. 🙂

  4. Gabriala says:

    I cannot wait until I get home to start reading! I was very temped to peek at in the app in my phone, but know if I do, I will not able to work the rest of the day. Maybe you should make a movie out of this??? Can’t wait to ready tonight. Thanks Raine, I love all your books!

  5. I loved every word, every page and every sentence of this book. You are an amazing author and I hope/wish we get more Blackstone in the future. Or just IVAN 😀 …Thanks for giving us Brynne & Ethan!

  6. Kristiana says:

    Congratulations on your new release, Raine!
    I really love Ethan Blackstone series. When i read Naked and All In, i’m hooked, and cannot wait to read the next book of the series. And now, there you go, with Eyes Wide Open release. Congratulations! 🙂

  7. Susan Fowler Staudinger says:

    I started and finished the first 3 books over the last couple of days. All I can say is
    “WOW!” I absolutely loved the books and enjoyed reading Brynne & Ethan’s story as it continued to develop & evolve. I had no idea that there would be a 4th book in the series. I’m so excited to hear that–I can’t wait!!

  8. Marilyn says:

    Loved this series! My only problem is that it still left me wanting to know more about how their lives go on. I was hoping that Ethan would share a lot more of his military life and the actual things that haunt him. I hope there really is a 4th book that could actually give closure to Ethan and Brynne for me any way.


    • Raine Miller says:

      I guess if you are left wanting to know more about how their lives go on, then I did my job. There is a 4th book for Ethan and Brynne coming in November 2013.

  9. When wild eyes wide open in Spanish? I look forward to reading it

    • Raine Miller says:

      Hi Muri. The publisher is different and I don’t have that information. I would guess that sometime in June or early summer.

  10. I will like to know when wild eyes wide open in Spanish coming out book 1 and 2 in Spanish I will like to have book 3 in Spanish too .

  11. Nitza Liz says:

    Muchas felicidades!!! Yo soy de las viudas de Grey pero quiero agradecerle que pueda ver más allá con una historia superior. Le deseo mucho éxito en cada historia que escriba y que nunca pierda de perspectiva que tiene un grupo pendiente a cada una de ellas. Nuestro apoyo es incondicional. Mis respetos. Acá en Puerto Rico estamos conectados con la historia de Ethan and Brynne y estamos deseosos de que ya nos llegue el tercer libro en español y ahora con la esperanza del cuarto. Confieso que esta espera nos tiene locos a todos. Dios la bendiga y saludo de todos los boricuas!!!

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